Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Grams & Bobby in the Window

Photography "Bedroom Window" by Kurney Ramsey

This one is from Debbie in Palm Springs, California, thank you Debbie for a great post.
When I was a young girl we lived in a apartment complex. A good neighborhood, nice people and no crime. My bedroom was bright and cheerful like a young girls bedroom should be. At night I would lay in bed and listen to music as I looked out my bedroom window.

Now, when this experience took place I had one older brother. My brother was 19 and I was 17. My Brother's name was Bobby and was a really good guy just a little wild, always taking chances that he didn't need to take. It always worried me about his driving, and his underage drinking and just his no worries lifestyle that he lived, it also concerned our parents. Bobby was a great guy as I said. He was very kind to everyone and he was well liked by all. He was just wild in his ways.

One summer night Bobby was out with his friends. He had to work the next day but I knew that would not stop him from coming in any hour of the night or morning. As I lay in bed with soft music coming from my radio, I felt a strange sense of worry and sadness come over me but I didn't know why. I could not sleep so I decided to go to the kitchen and get a snack and try to shake this feeling of despair.

After eating a few cookies and drinking a half glass of milk, I went back to bed as I lay there looking out my window. The electric went out and there were no lights at all in the neighborhood as far as I could see. I tought to myself this was all I needed because I could not sleep and now I had no music.

I got up and sat on the edge of the bed, and the strangest thing happened at this point. My deceased grandmother who Bobby and I were very close to while she was alive appeared outside my bedroom window and Bobby was with her. The radio was off but through the radio I heard my brother Bobby say to me. "Sis, I'm sorry but I had to go. It was my time and you know I love you, Mom and Dad". I will be ok now because I am with Grams." and then Grams said "" Don't worry Debbie, you know I will take care of Bobby".

At this point, the electric came back on and the radio was once again playing music. Grams and Bobby were no longer there. I continued to sit on the edge of the bed and I started to cry. Through my tears I heard the phone in the kitchen ring a few times and then I heard my mother cry "NO IT CAN'T BE MY BOBBY!!"

The phone call was from the hospital and the person on the other end of the line told my mother that Bobby was in a car crash and died instantly. I waited a good amount of time before I told my Mother what had happened that fatal night that Bobby died. She is very much a doubter but yet she also can't explain the electric going off and why I couldn't sleep that night.

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