Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rondo - The Oracle Cat

Photo by TJ, Norway 1994

This is about a cat called Rondo, whom the owners in Vadsø, Norway, claim possessed mystical powers like telepathy and being able to answer questions in Norwegian.

Rondo could answer simple questions with the Norwegian words for yes, and no (ja and nei), the more impressive parts is when he answered the questions before one even asked them to him, like if using some sort of telepathy, in both cases of answering a question asked orally or telepathically Rondo would look deep into your eyes with a piercing glare and utter his answer loud and clear, and each time it was the correct answer.

Rondo loved watching TV and also had a cunning ability to pick out the villains in any show by clawing on their face whenever they appeared, even before their role was ever revealed. Rondo even knew how to operate the remote control, using it to turn on his favorite show, Tom & Jerry.

The owners told me this cat was not only an oracle but also extremely cunning and evil, and that he loved torturing, taunting and scaring them, especially their family dog had to endure hours of the cats painful games of torture.

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