Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Babysitter and The Balcony

This one is from back when I was still living in Tromsø, Norway. Since I always loved a good story, and my friends loved to share their ghost stories with me. This one was told me, by my friend Rob, he had just been babysitting for a few weeks and was quite eager to share this story with me.

The story went like this, according to my recollection of it; The kids went to bed and everything was calm in the house, while the babysitter was reading books with his back against a door that opened out to a 2nd floor balcony, on the stroke of midnight, that door swung open, he checked the door and closed it thinking it must have been a gust of wind, even though it seemed so calm that night. But no sooner than he sat down the door swung open again, this time he checked it furiously pulling it too see how much it would take to swing open, and figured it would not open easily at all. Closed it and sat down to have the same incident repeating itself. Thinking to himself this seems to be something more than just gusts of wind, he spoke out, letting what entity this might be to leave the house alone, since the parents were not home and he was there to watch their kids.

When the mother returned he confronted her and asked if it was common for the balcony door to open up on its own, were she immediately responded, "ooh that is just my mother, she likes to check out on the kids at night". She took him out on the balcony and pointed over to the nearby graveyard. "She is buried there and loves to sweep by and check us out quite often".

The next night he was babysitting again at the stroke of midnight, the balcony door swung open, but this time he was prepared. Telling the spirit of the grandmother that he was the babysitter, and she didn't need to worry about the kids, and that the mother would be back around 3AM if she wanted to visit her then. All was calm for the rest of the night, and the mother returned on time, and no sooner than she entered the home, the balcony door swung, with the grandmothers spirit there to check on time that everything was in order, and that her daughter indeed got home safely.

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  1. I have lived in several haunted houses in Pennsylvania USA. In one the cellar door would open and close and the basement light would be on. upstairs bedroom you could hear a rocking chair and a lady humming a lullaby. We didn't have a rocking chair in the house and when I would go upstairs, it would stop. My children told me that their bedroom door would open and an old lady would come in and check on them. They also had several playmates. My son told me he didn't mind them playing with his toys at night, he just wanted them to put the toys back where he had put them away.

  2. it was not so scary unlike in our place that full of ghost and a mystique island..The Siquijor Island