Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Anna Elisabeth Westerlund, Norways most famous psychic

Photography of Anna Elisabeth Westerlund taken by Trygve Indrelid

By Nina in Tromsø, Norway.
Anna Elisabeth Westerlund has a very special place in my heart, I read her autobiography Synsk? (Psychic?) as a very young girl and found it to very suiting to know that I was not the only one with this kind of ability. She was a remarkable woman and believed that being psychic was a gift one should not use to make wealth or for personal gain of as this would be abusing it.

Anna Elisabeth Westerlund realized by age 11 that she had the ability to see more than those of her own age, in later years she helped the Norwegian police in several murder cases, searches for lost people and also did investigations in other parts of the world among these some of the Pyramids in Egypt. Her ability was well documented as she took part in many para-psychological experiments in her life to test her clairvoyant abilities, and even in death she donated her brain to research. She stated that she felt that the psychic ability was located in the frontal lobes of the brain and draw a sketch for the future research of her brain.

Anna Elisabeth Westerlund was born 4th of October 1907 and passed away on 12th of September 1995, her brain is kept at the University of Bergen were it was dissected, there was not found any abnormalities but I do feel that the medical technology at the time of her death was not good enough to determine what causes the psychic brain to operate on a different plane. Later CAT scans of other people with psychic abilities has shown unusual activities in parts of the brain.

One of those that did test Anna Elisabeth while she was still alive was the very doctor that later performed her brain autopsy, Dr. Inge Morild, Medical professor at the Department of Pathology at the University of Bergen, for his first meeting he brought a small piece of glass 1cm by 1cm large containing a pinkish tissue sample from a person. Dr. Morild handed her the tissue sample and asked her what it was. She held it in her hands for a while and told him that she associated the sample with a lot of blood, light blond hair, a rock and a young girl in a meadow. Dr. Morild was truly impressed as she had described both the location the young girl was found, her hair color, and the rock used in the brutal murder. There was no way Anna Elisabeth could have known this.

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