Saturday, June 12, 2010

What We Dream

What we about dream while sleeping depends on a lot of things. How our day has gone and if we are under a lot of stress at the time of the dream, our love life and so on and, so on. What our dreams really mean I think is up for debate. There are many folks that say they have the answer to that however, I doubt that they really do. We do know that everyone dreams and that we only remember a very small amount of dreams. We dream almost every night but we do not remember most dreams. I think it is safe to say that if we didn't dream we would go insane. Dreams are a way our minds release stress and heal ourselves as we sleep.

I will share with you one experience I had with dreams just a few years ago. I was living in Norway. i was getting ready to move back to the states when one night I had this dream of a young man. In my dream all I saw was his face. Nothing else at all. I didn't know where it was that he was at or what the reason was that I saw him in my dream. I did however feel that I had that dream for a reason ( even though I did not know the reason) I also felt that it was important I find him because you see , I didn't know this young man at all. All I had to go on was in my dream he appeared to be Asian.

As I said, I was getting ready to move back stateside and was busy preparing for that so, I didn't think too much about it after that. Once I moved back to the states, on my 2nd day here in Hawaii. I was walking down the street and saw a coffee shop so since I love a good cup of coffee I went it to get a cup. The clerk had his back to me and when he turned around, There he was in real life. That face, It was the young man I dreamed about. I was so speechless I could hardly order my coffee.

Over time he and I became friends and even though it has not always been a smooth friendship and part of that is my fault. We still remain friends even though we hardly get to see each other at all these days.

So there you have it. What it means exactly I am not sure. However, I am sure he is the person I dreamed about.
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  1. I do believe dreams have some kind of hidden message in them. I have had plenty of dreams that have come true. Like I would have dreams of a member of the family having a baby months before they would find out they were pregnant and what sex it was. I even had the same dreams about me. I would have dreams about my job and being promoted and it would happen months later. Weird! I have dreams now that relate to reality and how chaotic my life is they are in forms of tornadoes, bad weather, and zombies. I am really good at interpreting my own dreams. I can interpret other peoples dreams sometimes too. it just depends on my mood.