Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Black Stone

Note: this is not the black stone from the story

Another shared with us from Nina in Norway,
When I was about 11 years old I walked outside and suddenly felt a strong attraction to go down the side of the road, as I moved down the side I felt what I was supposed to find was underneath the rocks, I started moving them until a perfectly smooth jet black stone appeared. I picked it up and felt an instant connection, and it fit perfectly in the whole palm of my hand.

At home I tried to find out what type of rock this was, but none of the many books with pictures of rocks had anything like it, and when I did the scratch tests none of the hard rocks, stones, quarts or even emerald that we had at home made any scratches to it. Years went by and I finally got a diamond to test on it, which was only able to make a small scratch into the surface.

However I early noticed that this black stone seemed to have the power to drain sorrow, anger and other negative emotions, I would just hold the stone in my hand and almost instantly feel better inside. Followed by putting the stone in spring water and let it dry in the sun, which seemed to remove all the negative emotions that It drained me for. 

Later one of the first things I did when I started at the university, was to show it to the professors in geology at the university of Tromsø, several of them checked it out even using a microscope before one of them told me to visit one professor that should be able to know what type of rock this was, so I did. It was a rock of volcanic origin, and there are no volcanic rocks in Northern Norway at all, and it is still a total mystery how it appeared, this far north.

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