Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Guardian Angel

This is from Bruce in LA. California.
When I was growing up my parents was always telling my brother and I about angels, how the angels would look out for us and protect us. One night just a few years ago I was involved in a car accident. The accident was not my fault but they still had to use the jaws of life to free me from my car. I was banged up pretty bad and I didn't know it at that moment but, the damage to my right leg was really severe.

In the emergency room they did what they could to fix me up and admitted me to the hospital for my injuries. I was told the next day that my right leg would have to be amputated, all the doctors said there was no way to save it. I just would not hear of that. I couldn't see going through life without my leg. I started thinking about what my parents always told us boys about angles and I started to pray to God of all my heart to help me keep my leg.

To my surprise after praying all day and most of the night. Then around 1:30AM one of the night nurses came in my room to up hang up new medicines. We were talking when all of a sudden. I asked the nurse if she could scratch my right leg for me because it itched really bad.

The nurse told me there should be no feeling in my right leg what-so-ever however, but she did scratch it through the bed sheet and then we both could see a soft white light shining from under the sheet. The nurse pulled the sheet off from my lower leg and the light just seem to sit on my lower right leg. We were both speechless and after a few seconds the soft white light just floated away and disappeared.

That next morning when the doctors made rounds he came in and looked at my leg and to my surprise the doctor said I damn well do not believe this but Bruce, you're leg looks as if it is healing. they did more test on my leg and the results showed the bones in my legs were back together and the swelling started to go down some that very day. I started getting the itching again as I gained more feeling to my leg. They now they call me the miracle patient. The first test showed the legs was crushed. Bones broken and the whole 9 yards. The second test and x rays showed the leg to be healing very nicely.

The surgery to amputate my leg was canceled and to this day, I do have a limp when I walk but I still have both my legs. I think God sent an angel to look over me and answer my prayers. All three doctors who were taking care of me said they have never seen anything like this before.

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