Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Called to Get One Last Goodbye

This one is from Nina in Tromsø, Norway.
One Sunday during church prayer I got struck with a strong emotional feeling that someone in my family was in danger, and it struck me to tears, I felt that I had to get back to them before Thursday because otherwise I would be to late to see the family member again, I did not know whom it was about at this point just that it was someone in immediate family.

I went ahead and booked the first flight back home that I could take on such short notice which was Tuesday, with everything in order I went back home to find that my grandfather was very ill, and not surprisingly he passed away the thursday like I felt back on the Sunday in church, I was not the only family member far away that called this way some of my cousins and uncles was too.

The warning gave me the chance to travel back in time and for that I am ever grateful, my grandfather was lucky enough to pass away with all of his children around him, and even a few grandchildren and great grandchildren there to say one last goodbye.

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