Monday, June 7, 2010

My meeting with Jeane Dixon, the Psychic

I hear so often that when a psychic makes a call and if it does not turn out just exactly as the psychic said it would, then you hear what a fake this person claiming to be a psychic is. Well my friends, that is just not the case at all. First off we have to understand that a prediction is just that a prediction. it does not mean that it will happen exactly as stated by the person making the prediction. Some of the best known psychics the world over have had predictions that came partly true. This happens because when a psychic sees something that ends up as a prediction, there are several things he or she sees. It is not like they see exactly that will happen.

One could write whole books including all the predictions that Jeane Dixon made which came true and all those that came true half way or not at all, being one of the most famed psychics of the 20th century. but my story is not of the media famed well known predictions, but a reading made to me and a friend directly, one which came true in every way, just as Jeane Dixon predicted.

A friend and I decided to make an appointment with Jeane Dixon to ask her a few questions. We went to Washington DC and talked with Jeane Dixion. It was NOT a pleasant reading at all. My friend and I were looking to start a business together and we simply wanted some good advice from Ms. Dixon and we knew she was doing readings for Nancy Reagen at the time and we thought that was good enough for us. During the reading, My friend was asked to leave the room for a few minutes. he did as requested. During that time of him being ut of the room Ms. Dixon told me that someday I may indeed have my own business but that my friend and I would never be in business together.

I ask her why she said that and she replied to me that she saw his life in grave danger. It would be related to a sporting type accident. Now, she did not actually say he would die but she did say his life was in grave danger She said she saw this happening the last two weeks of November or the first two weeks of December. We called my friend back into the room and we talked to him about this. My friend said that if he saw any danger he would indeed be careful but until that time he was just going to live his life. This was the later part of October. November came and went without and bad things happening. However, towards the end of the first week of December. My good friend had an accident as he and another friend of his were four-wheeling. They both died in that accident. It was well within the time limit set by Ms. Dixion.

This situation should act as proof that every psychic can be right and wrong at the same time or partially correct or not correct at all. I agree that there are many fakes that claim to be psychic. However, I know Jeane Dixion was not one of the fake ones. I am very sorry that she was correct but it did prove tome that this lady had a God given gift. A lot also depends on how strong the person is towards his or her powers, how that person handles their power and how well trained they are in dealing with their powers. Most psychics never see what they predict as from start to finish. like a movie or video. Most will only see bits and parts like flashes and they have to sort it all out and put them things in order. So, my friends, that is the main reason for a psychic to be wrong or at least partially wrong. however, being wrong does not mean they are a fake.

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  1. They can actually only predict probabilities, the future is not set in stone and psychics tune into any number of possible futures,and these futures are always changing.

    I don't think it's wise for a psychic to say everything they see...if they see someone having an accident and dying i think they should keep it to themselves because if i was told that it would torment me and worry me sick.

  2. you are so right, part of the prediction or reading may be influenced by the listener's state of mind too