Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Ghost of Taneytown Road

I come from Gettysburg, PA. Gettysburg is a medium sized town in south central PA. According to the travel channel Gettysburg is supposedly one of the most haunted towns in America. I guess that is due to all the people that died during the civil war and the battle of Gettysburg.

One night I got a call from a friend of mine ( Tom ) Tom lived up the street from me and he asked if I could come over. I said OK and went right over. When I got there Tom opened the door to let me in and I swear he was white as a ghost. I asked him what was wrong and he just said get in here so I can lock the door. Now this was in winter, three days before Thanksgiving. Once inside and a nice hot cup of coffee in front of me I once again asked Tom what was wrong and if he was ok.

Tom sat across the table from me and he was shaking. With trembling lips, he looked at me and told me he wrecked his car because he saw a ghost. Now, the problem with that was that my friend Tom did Not believe in ghost at all. Well he didn't believe in ghost until he saw one that day anyhow.

His account of what took place was this. Tom said he was driving on the Taneytown rd. Taneytown rd is a road that goes out onto the Gettysburg battlefield and there was a major battle fought there during the battle of Gettysburg. Tom stated that he was on a straight stretch of road and was coming up on a curve. Right before he went to negotiate the curve he heard a sound come from the back of his car. Tom looked into his rear view mirror and saw a confederate solider sitting in the back seat of his car. Tom went on to say that this solider was just sitting in the back seat of his car and it frightened Tom so much that he lost control of his car and ran off the road into a field.

His car had only slight damage to it and Tome was more shaken up then injured. The police report only stated that he lost control of his car and did not say for what reason. One thing to note here is that, as far as anybody can tell, Tom was the first to have that experience and I am sure that I am the only person he told about it because of his fear of people thinking he was crazy if it got out. However, since Tom's experience, several other people have come along and said the same thing. yes, there have been several more accidents at the same spot over the years and most people say that they saw a confederate solider sitting in the back seat of their car.

As for Tom well, he still has a car but to this day, Tom will NOT drive on the Taneytown road.

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  1. well I would love to drive down the road to see I could see what he saw

  2. If I ever vacation in PA, then I will definitely have to check this out. Maybe I will not drive, but perhaps get some friends to investigate.

    Thanks for the post always enjoy reading things related to the Civil War

  3. what time, month day year did it happen at? Did the other people say what time, day, month year their experiences happened?