Friday, June 11, 2010

The Haunted Family House

Another great story from Nina in Tromsø.
This is about the house that has belonged to the family for five generations, and of which several of the family members are thought to still walk and watch over from beyond, we have never had any ghost investigations done on our home since we find it to be of no point we know they are there and they interact with us in so many ways. Even though there have been some that have offered to do so since they have heard the stories of our home.

The first story I am about to share was told to my by my own grandmother, when she was a little girl she saw a man passing the kitchen window, he was dressed in odd outdated clothes, and as she described his appearance which happened at midday to her aunt, it almost made her aunt faint, and she told her she had just described her uncle that passed away many many years earlier, my grandmothers granduncle Hartvik. My grandmother said she never saw granduncle Hartvik again but she did experience him in other ways, throughout the years.

These family ghosts are known to be very protective of the family, and have known to act hostile to those that has not been accepted into the family yet, which bring me to the second account I will share from our family house, back when my Mother, Siw, joined the family by marriage she moved in to stay while her and my father built their own home to live in, the family spirits grew restless and actually tried to force her away from their home. This was witnessed by my grandaunt, granduncle, grandfather and both my parents so I am sure their account is accurate, and the force the family spirits could put on display surprised all of them. At first the things were minor, things getting displaced, feeling of discomfort, restless walking in the attic, stairs, hallway and knocking on the doors and walls. Within a few weeks it escalated to objects being slinged, and even boards nailed stuck was ripped off. Until Siw had enough and very forcefully spoke out saying that she was there to stay and rather than using all this force of anger to try to scare those to join the family they could use it to protect, of which it all changed.

Last I will share my own personal experiences from years of living in our family house, one of my first memories is of the house spirits as I always called them flickering with the lights when they wanted attention, knocking on the doors, or stumping of feet to alarm that guests was on their way, usually within 15 minutes before their actual arrival. I never felt afraid and used to play around as if they was there around me, I never saw any of them myself, but I felt their emotional murmur of joy when seeing their so many great grand child playing around in the place they too lived their whole life. I felt there was about seven spirits present in the house when I grew up there, all of them with their different personalities, some of them stayed mostly in the kitchen making sounds of baking, cooking and cleaning, others one could hear running around the steps, and hallways as those of playful children, which there were many that died in their early years. And again others were more bitter, quick to anger and moody like I think felt like the spirit of my ancestor Hartvik, which also died there in the house.

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