Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thirty Six

My mother was a very good and wonderful woman. She had two sisters and one brother. I never got to meet my uncle. He died long before I was even thought of. As a matter of fact, I don't think even my sister or brother ever got to meet him.

Mom never talked about him much at all. She talked about her sisters all the time but hardly ever did she mention her older brother. One day I just ask her why she never talked about him. She said because he in a way had really frightened her when something he said when they were both kids came true.

My Mom and her brother and sisters were raised in Baltimore, Maryland. As children growing up in the city they did the things city kids did for fun. My mom couldn't go out and play with her sisters and brother one day because she was sick. I think she was 8 years old and her brother was 10 years old. her brother brought her an ice cream from the corner store and my Mom ask him why he never got sick at all. He never even had a cold and didn't get the regular childhood diseases. to be honest about it at 10 years old the kid had never missed a day of school and had never been sick.

When she asked him why he never was ever sick he told her it was because he was going to die at the age of 36. She asked him how he knew that and he stated he just did, he just knew. He would from time to time tell my Mom that through the years and she would respond by telling her brother to stop talking like that. She told him he was as healthy as anyone she has ever seen.

Flash forward a few years and mom's brother was in the military and when he got home he married a really nice girl. My Mom had also married by that time and her and her brother just lived one city block from one and other.

About two months before my uncles 36th birthday he told Mom that he wouldn't be around much longer and she said she yelled at him to stop talking like that and my uncle said OK, wait and see.

A little less then two weeks before my uncle's 36th birthday a knock came on my Mom and Dad's apartment door. When Mom went to answer the door it was my uncle. he stated he had a very bad headache and ask if he could come in and lay down for a while. M mom told me she put him in the guest room and gave him some aspirin to take and my uncle refused it saying he just needed to lay down. At that point Mom told me she noticed he was all sweaty and shaking. She called the doctor and the doctor came to the house ( Yes, it was that long ago ) the doctor had my uncle admitted to the hospital. My uncle was diagnosed with spinal meningitis. he hung on for over a week and died on his 36th birthday!

How he knew nobody can seem to answer. However, my uncle always said he would only live to be 36 years old and he did die on his 36th birthday.

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