Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Bright Orange Lights In The Sky

This is in from Brandon In Hawaii.
When I lived in South Carolina some years ago it was not uncommon to see strange lights in the sky. But one experience more than others stick out. It happened that this night that my car broke down while I was driving a friend home. This was late at night, in March, so it was dark but the sky was filled with one million stars.

I looked up at the stars and saw ball of bright orange lights suddenly appear from the sky. I swept over the sky in a couple of seconds and I do not understand how anything can do that and then suddenly, it started rising very quickly and was gone behind some trees then appeared again it all lasted about two minutes.

I know some believe our planet is visiting by aliens from other worlds, and I have always wondered about that too. For some reason I felt like this Earth had just been examined by what was in that orange ball of lights. We fixed the car and drove home, and found out later that others had also spotted the same ball of lights as we had.

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  1. Okay, odd that ur from Hawaii, but I just experienced the same thing over Kaneohe, Hawaii. They both came out of the east at a steady west / southwest trajectory and faded out at 2 o'clock in the sky. There was no trail behind the balls of light and no audible propulsion sound or sonic boom. It looked very controlled.

  2. just saw something similar over fredericksburg va

  3. i seen that last night,in spencor port ny,i was sitting in the woods with some friends and this same object came from North and faded South above the tree lines,it was at 11:00pm.It also looked very controlled and i want to know what it is cause i know damn well it aint no star.Im 16 live and live in rochester where little wayne got jumped lol.but i was way in the woods,i swore it landed about a mile in the distance,there was this weird sound it made too.i drew it out then googled some weird sightings and this match my disscription i think it was a ufo.....u welcome for shareing