Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blood-stopping - Lœsing - The Will to Stop Bleedings

Blood-stopping is a well-known phenomena in Northern Norway, both by the Sami, Finnish and Norwegian people. I am myself from a family known for their ability to perform the "reading" (lœsing) which stops blood. TJ, which a relative of mine, is the one I know best in this art and I have observed her doing blood-stopping when needed. This involves reciting the bible and commanding the blood to stop. I have also heard that some of the Native Americans has very similar "readings" of the bible to perform blood-stopping.

One time while up in the mountains one of our friends fell and broke his leg, and had a deep cut too gushing with blood, immediately TJ run over and started performing the "reading" and the blood stopped almost instantaneously, and also caused my friend to pass out. TJ commented, "I think I read it too strong, usually they do not pass out during reading."

A different time that I was able to observe this was when TJ performed blood-stopping on a injured cow, it had been badly injured from a harvesters blade falling over and penetrated more than a foot deep into the young cow, which by the time we got to her already had substantial blood loss, and again just as with humans TJ did the same type of reading and commanded the blood to stop.

TJ has perform this type of instant emergency healing regularly and helped save both people and animal so they could be brought to the hospital, as she has done this many times like her uncles and grandparents before her, a long chain of those with the ability or as TJ puts it the Will to stop blood.

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  1. That is crazy. My great grandpa that i never met because he died in the mid sixties use to do something like this that nobody could ever explain. My aunt as a kid use to get severe nose bleeds that wouldnt stop so my pap where ever he was , with her or over the phone would recite something under his breath and it would stop bleeding immediately. Nobody ever heard what he would say but it always worked, blood and pain both. A woman severely burned her leg n was in terrible pain, her whole leg was burned and blisterd and he did his recital again under his breath and all the pain was gone. the leg was still burned but with no pain. back before cars were a norm farm folk nearby would seek him out. supposedly what he said was a verse from the bible, but yet it was a secret for some reason he would not speak of, and that it had to be passed down from generation to the next in a certain order, for instance before he died he was to tell his firste born daughter my gram, but he died suddenly and did not get a chance to reveal it and then from her to her first born son, and then his first born daughter etc. I tell folks of this and nobody has ever really heard of such a thing. Let me add though that if my great grandpap could have told everyone what it was that he'd say and they could benefit from it he would have i believe, and one more thing, he never charged a dime or made any money from this. Does this sound normal to you or have you heard of something like this before? Thanks for sharing on this topic.

    1. I have heard of these Prayer-Spells before.

      The Gypsies have a similar Exorcism spell for stopping the demons who cause blood (not always literal demons but diseases) to depart from the Healthy.

      This is all a part of Esoteric Christianity, Christian Witchcraft.

  2. Thank you yankees723 for your comment.
    To be honest, I have heard of something like that. I do not know what it is your grand father was saying under his breath but, I have heard of it. There have over the years been many of people say they know what it is but they would never say and so they could never prove that they actually knew what it was because no one ever saw them use it. Thanks again for sharing