Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Fatal Flight

Actual Photo of the retrieved parts of the plane that crashed outside of Mehamn, Norway

As mentioned in my earlier post One Scary Flight: Detroit - Amsterdam "I have always had a special connection with flights, and have always seen them in details from start to end". Unlike that event which was recent, the story I am sharing now was my first time that I remember of receiving a flash of information about a flight, when I realized that I actually was able to see things to come. A story still shrouded with mystery, when a plane crashed with a still unidentified flying object in the sea outside of Berlevåg and Mehamn in Northern Norway.

I was just a kid back then, my mother had just been with me to the hospital in Tromsø to have my tonsils removed, and we were now on our way back to Vadsø, and had just landed in Hammerfest. Our next flight was a small propel plane, I had been on those before many times already on this very same route, since it was a common route when flying from Tromsø to Vadsø. Involving multiple airports and short flights between those, I always loved the feeling of flight, both landings, take-of and watching the world below. But this time when I asked my mother to see the tickets and she handed them to me, I held them briefly, looked at her and asked if we could take another flight home. I remember I felt quite uneasy about this flight and as we walked up to the reception desk I remember telling my mother again that I didn't think we should be on this plane, she didn't say too much but went ahead asking the receptionist lady if there was another flight that would take us from Hammerfest to Vadsø this day. When she responded that there was one direct flight available and we would only need to wait another 30 minutes extra I felt really relived, and keenly asked my mother if we could take that one instead, and that I wanted to use the extra time to see more of the current airport.

Time passed quickly and we got home to Vadsø even before the original multiple landing flight we were supposed to be on would have reached our final destination. Later that evening I remember watching the news with the rest of my family, and they were reporting that the very plane we would had been on had crashed in the sea, with no surviving passengers or crew. This was the moment I realized that I could actually make a difference and even change the life of those around me, it scared me, but at the same time I felt happy that I had saved my mother, and sad that the others did not make it since they did go on the flight I felt so uneasy about.

The information of this flight has never been unclassified, there was some speculations that the crash was caused by a military plane from the British air force that happened to be in Norwegian airspace at the time. and this is the reason why it is kept classified to this day, some would even go so far to say that it was an alien UFO.
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