Sunday, August 8, 2010

One Scary Flight: Detroit - Amsterdam

Photo PJ 2006

This story is about my flight from Detroit to Amsterdam in February 2002. Few times have I had the information come true as clearly as ahead of this flight, as soon as I touched my tickets I saw it from start to end, and a deep confirmation that there was no need to worry.

The plane in Detroit was obviously not one of their newest, since it did not look the best neither on the outside or on the inside. The plane itself was about 2/3 full and almost half of the passengers was dressed in different clerical garbs, I spotted nuns, priests, preachers, ministers, monks and even a cardinal. The first sign of trouble already started during take-off, with two of the cabin sealing-plates falling from the shaking. This caused the first take-off to be put on hold while the crew checked the open space for possible hidden explosive devises, and other dangers. After a short pause, the captain announced that they would now be ready to continue on the flight to Amsterdam and for the passengers in the back of the plane where the sealing plates had fallen to move forward to the empty seats in the front, I was one of those that moved 4 rows ahead.

The rest of the flight was pretty uneventful until we got close to Amsterdam, the captain announced that there was hurricane strength winds in the area and they could only land on one of the airstrips, and would be doing circles until it was clear for landing, as we entered the turbulent winds the cabin plates started collapsing, filling the cabin with fine dust, noise and commotion, for each circling while waiting to land more plates fell lose, and all the monks, nuns, priests, preachers, ministers and clerics of all sorts, was each praying in their own way, as the plane was literally falling apart from the inside out. I already had an inner peace confirming that this would be a safe journey, and I had already had the flash from holding the ticket earlier seeing it from start to end as a scary event but with no harm to any of us so I did not worry at all. It did eventually get the clear signal to land and one could literally feel the pressing emotional sphere in the plane lighten when we were all finally safe on the ground in Amsterdam.

I have always had a special connection with flights, and have always seen them in details from start to end, perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I was almost born in the air, in a ambulance plane using an emergency cesarean, which just happened to be postponed in the very last minute when the midwife and the emergency doctor agreed that my vital signs was stable enough to wait until my mother reached the hospital a few more minutes away.

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