Friday, September 10, 2010

The Family Car

A friend, Ken from Massachusetts told me this one. I have heard of things like this before and I though it might make an interesting experience for the blog.

When Ken and his girlfriend got married, Ken's uncle gave them an old station wagon as a gift. Ken was told by his uncle that this station wagon was a special car. When ken ask him why it was so special, his uncle just said it was a car of love.

As most newlyweds Ken and his new wife got along great except for the occasional argument and that was mostly about money. The car ran good and they had no problems with it, except every now and then it would not start. One day when ken and his wife were arguing Ken and his wife were getting in the car to go to work. the car wouldn't start. They had the car checked out and nothing wrong could be found. So, the replaced spark plugs and the battery and a few other things because they really need the car to be dependable.

For the next three months ken and his wife got along great and the car always started  when they went to use it. Then one day Ken and his wife who worked the same place both got laid off from their jobs. Now they could have drawn unemployment however, Ken was to proud and he wanted to work for his money and so an argument began between Ken and his wife. Once again the car would not start.

They both all of a sudden realized that the only time the car would not start was when they argued. As long as they were getting along OK the car was running great and started every time then would use it. Now Ken understood what his uncle meant when he said it was a special car, a car of love. It was as if the car had a mind of it's own and every time Ken and his wife were  stressed at each other, the car just would not start.

In time Ken got a very good job and he and his wife bought a new car also, he made enough money at his new job that his wife didn't have to work at all. Even though they bought a new car they kept the old station wagon and used it once in a while, just as a reminder not to argue. No one knows why the car would never start when Ken and his wife would argue. Could it be that just maybe the negative energy ken and his wife emitted when they were arguing had some sort of an effect on the electrical system of the car or something like that? I don't know and I will leave that up to you to decide.

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