Monday, September 6, 2010

Ghost of my dead younger Brother

I have had many paranormal experiences during my life. I am not a pro at it, It comes to me when it wants to do so and not when I may want it too. Also, there are different ways it may come to me. I may get a message  by way of a dream or, I may be totally awake and a still photo of some sort might pop in my mind. I have been visited and talked to a very good friend two years after he died. (Talking with a dead friend)
Years later, I had a surprise visit from my mother five years after she died (Sightings of deceased family members). Then around the same time, I had just been to the doctor and the doctor had told me he felt I might have a certain type of cancer and he had ordered a test at the hospital.

The afternoon after I had the test and was awaiting the results, I was standing out on my porch. I heard a noise and looked up and there was a young man standing across the street. I saw him and he could talk but as I looked at him I could see through him. I was confused and a little upset because I recognized him. It was my younger brother who died as a child many years ago. I could tell it was him in the apparition form. He waved at me and said hello to me and he told me he was here to let me know that all would be OK and that I would be OK.

That is not the first time I have seen my little brother, you all might think I am crazy but I assure you he has visited me in the past before, the first time was when I was living in San Francisco. Strange as it might sound when I spotted this young guy across the street I knew it was my own little brother looking back at me. He just stood there and looked and that was all.

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