Sunday, September 26, 2010

Planet X - Nibiru - 2012 - End Times

This is a oil painting of the Sheel Mountains, it came to me in a dream in 1997 and when I showed it and my new writing Xhian Xzthian to my psychic cousin she told me she recognized that place, since she had been there. So perhaps this is a landscape from Nibiru, or another Planet.

Nibiru is claimed to be the catalyst to the end of our world in December 2012. The claims of how this end will come is many and there are a lot of claims that Nibiru is a forgotten planet known to be of existence by the ancient Sumerian, and some even say that the ancient Egyptians knew about it too, under the name Vulcan. In our modern days there are a lot of mysteries surrounding the ancient civilizations, and a lot of clues that point to the fact that they seem to be more advanced than was previously thought.

Just like in the entry called Search for Planet Vulcan and Planet X where one look at the early scientific search for new planets in our solar system, amateurs and other interested in planetary bodies search out into the void, may this be with the keen mind of a psychic, non-mainstream archaeologists and explorers looking for the hidden mysteries of our worlds past, present and future.

Since I am myself a psychic, I do know that psychics are real. At the same time I am also a skeptic, I do believe that not every "psychic" is indeed psychic, and on top of that, there are many evil powers out there that do not always tell the truth. Demonic entities among others would often mimic good entities, like angels or even prophecy to say what they think they could get away with. The more havoc a demon or other evil entity could get a away with the better and what better than to trick a chosen few to spread stories of a soon to be end of the world. With this type of channeling of knowledge either from an ancient time, future or, extraterrestrial star systems one would basically have to still keep a open but skeptical mind and try to find out what the future holds for us.

In some ways Nibiru is the new Atlantis, bringing in ancient knowledge of a time even the most respected scientists in the field of archeology knew very little about. Many of the few surviving fragments of deciphered Sumerian clay tablets leave a lot to interpretations, and even if they do indeed talk about Nibiru as a now forgotten planet inhabited by alien lizard people, it is no way of knowing if those tablets was a ancient fiction story, part of some apocalyptic cult or part of the mainstream more down to earth Sumerian scholars of their time, and even then one have to look at everything in the context of it's own time, or one could very easily misinterpret things that never was even close to the reality they described back 6000-8000 years ago.

The claims are that Nibiru is real and kept secret from us by our own governments, the sources are psychics, Sumerian specialists, conspiracy theorists, the belief in the ancient wisdom, that the ancient Egyptians, Sumerian, Atlantians and ancient Mayans knew about the end of days, and it to be in December of 2012. One of the most used proofs of this is the fact that the Mayan calendar ending its current cycle on that date, which is true. What they do not also tell is that the Mayans calendar in form of its other cycles span out hundred of thousands of years into the future, and the cycle in question is just one of the larger picture.

Remember that in every generation from ancient times to now there seem to be a few doomsday prophecies that speak of the end of times in their lifetime, naturally the world has not come to an end yet.

I would highly recommend those that can to watch this episode on Hulu TV and the speaker David Morrison's ask a Astrobiologist site.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m not convinced that this mystical (Nibiru aka Planet X etc.) has any part to play in the end time and 2012 well it’s just another year regardless of those that see the Mayan calendar as the end or something. Change happens everything changes so why all the fuss? There have always been bad times and people just seem to dwell and reflect too much on bad times which can only make matters worse. All this negative thinking can lead us into creating our own self fulfilling prophecy of doom and gloom. From a personal point of view I’m not really that interested in the matters of this world. 2029 is quite interesting with apotheosis meteor close flyby Earth on April 13th, this meteor returns again seven years later in 2036 with a possibility of Earth impact. Well we will have to wait and see what happens. The big problem is those in power that proclaim their rights over us who want to see the human population reduced by whatever means. Kingdoms may reign but they seldom last forever every dog has his day.



    PS Think happy and make a difference.