Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Am I Invisible?

 Photo PJ 2009

Sometimes when I was growing up I would wonder if I was invisible, there was so many times when I would walk in a room and no one would notice that I am there before I make my presence known, even photocell controlled doors would at times seem unable to notice my presence, one time in particular I was trying to enter a store with automatic doors, after trying to get the doors open for about 10 minutes another costumer walked over and they instantly opened, but when I would go towards it there was no response.

I have watched burglars walk right by me and not noticing me at all, the night campus security guards would check and secure the room I am in, while I am watching every step he would take, and then watch him leave again without noticing me at all even though he had to pass me both entering and leaving, this did not happen once but basically every night for months. The same security guard would locate and question every other student he found in the same room though. This has also happened when it comes to animals where I would walk at my normal pace, and the animal would neither see, hear or smell me before I am close enough to pick them up unnoticed, which at this point I often cause them quite a scare when they do realize that one has been able to get that close to them unnoticed, the same appears to be true when one is jogging, causing my friends to give me the nickname of the walking spirit, since I seemed to be able to appear and disappear in fully crowded classrooms with no one noticing that I came or left.

More so when I tested this on the infrared cameras I found that I could enter rooms witch had motion controlled lights and they would not be activated, I even tried to deliberately activate the infrared sensors by waving at them, and only after putting in a great deal of effort would the lights finally come on, making it easier to just walk over to the light switch in order to bypass the annoying in my case seemingly non-functioning motion controlled lights.

Sometimes I wonder if this is some of the same ways illusionists uses in their way of fooling people in their tricks, which must be why I have always been fascinated by magic, and the seemingly breathtaking ability they show off to make things disappear in thin air.
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