Friday, September 3, 2010

When your Energy make Objects Fall

My Mother never considered herself to have any kind of paranormal abilities. I however, think she had more then one. One of the things that always seem to happen to her that baffled her for many years was when objects fall.

It seems that right before she would find out of some family tragedy, things in whatever room my mother was in would start to fall. Objects would fall from the desk or bed and also photos would fall off the wall from where they hung.

I remember when my Dad was in a serious car accident. Over one hour before she got the phone call from the hospital, she was reading in her room and she said she felt anxious and all of a sudden the photos on her bedroom wall started to fall . she walked into the hallway on her way to the broom closet and a mini statue she had on a small table in the hallway fell to the ground. she took a broom from the closet and started to clean the broken glass up from the falling photos. From that point she walked into the kitchen and the spices fell from the spice rack.

This as strange as it may seem is true, and my mother has had many experiences like this. She had a few other things happen that most people do not experience but,  this one thing really baffled her for many years. I think that her intuition  as a mother and a wife allowed her to emit  a certain type of energy that could make things fall. In other words, deep down inside, inside her subconscious,   she knew when something was wrong with a family member but she didn't know which family member or what had actually happened  and her energy and frustration built up to a point that things would fly off the wall and other objects would fall over.

Electromagnetic Psychokinesis and Telekinesis and Poltergeist Activity are very similar to this experience, and if you find this subject interesting I could recommend reading those entries.

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