Saturday, September 4, 2010

Brat the Ghost Cat

Brat the Cat

I had many cats during my life time the cat Brat stands out as my favorite. My Mother also loved Brat. He had a bad habit of just walking up to something and knocking it over. He loved jumping on top the TV knocking my mother's plant off onto the floor, walking up to the phone that was on a small end table besides my mother's recliner chair and take his paw and use it to knock off the handset from the phone. Another one of Brat's  favorite objects to knock over was a small figurine my mother had in the living room. Brat would also go into the bathroom and get the toilet paper and drag it all over the apartment. However, he was also very loyal, every morning at 8:30 Brat would jump up on my mother's bed and gently touch her face with his paw until she woke up. From that point on he would follow her everywhere.

One day when Brat was three years old he started to seizure. After several seizures and many trips to the veterinarian he would still seizure and he finally died from them. I felt a strong loss from Brats passing and my mother cried. She would always say how her days were longer and so much more sad without Brat by her side.

One night about two weeks after Brat passed away, My Mother woke up around 1AM. She came into my room and woke me up. She said that she woke up to go to the bathroom and when she walked out into the hallway she saw the toilet tissue dragged out into the hallway just like Brat used to do. I then walked into the living room and saw my mother's figurine on the carpet. I thought at first, my mother had done it because she missed him so much, maybe she even did it in her sleep or something like that. However a few nights later I woke up from a sound I heard coming from the living room. As I walked into the living room to investigate  the sound, I saw my mother's figurine, her plant that sat on top of the TV both on the floor on there sides and, the handset to the telephone had indeed been knocked off the phone. From that moment on, I knew that Brat was still with us in spirit. This activity continued to happen from time to time.

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  1. We have a ghost cat but he seems to go with the house. Spotted out of the corner of our eye. Both my wife and I have seen him. However, I am confidant he is not anything like a rat or raccoon because our four living cats would not allow it.

  2. Very comforting to know we NEVER lose our beloved pets! My favorite cat from over a decade ago (who tragically died of lieukemia)came back and visited me in a few different apartments over the years. Always feeling her signature body weight and curl between my legs when I slept at night.