Saturday, September 25, 2010

The White House: Lincoln's Ghost

When I first started searching for information into the hauntings of the White House, I thought it would be a fairly boring, and uneventful but as I continued I was positively surprised, I knew about rumors that Abraham Lincoln the 16th President of the United States after he was assassinated April 15th 1865, still walk the halls and rooms of The White House, but had no idea how common his appearance had been throughout the centuries. And what really surprised me was when I heard that President Lincoln had a premonition about his own death and the president related that information to Ward Hill Lamon, which was a good friend of Lincoln.

Lincoln's ghost was very active during the administration of Franklin Roosevelt. He used the Lincoln bedroom as a study for his wife Eleanor. The former first lady never saw Lincoln however, she reported that while she was in that room she could feel a presence watching her and she felt that it was Lincoln. President Lincoln's ghost was reported by a young clerk in the Roosevelt administration. The clerk reported that he saw president lincoln  sitting on a bed and removing his boots. Sometime during 24 June - 11 August of 1942 Queen Willhelmina of The Netherlands while in a room at the white house as a guest of the Roosevelt's when she reported hearing a knocking on the door from the room she was at and when she answered the door, the queen said she saw President Lincoln from across the hall. Calvin Coolidge's wife has said she has seen Lincoln's ghost staring out of a oval office window.

Winston Churchill  stepped out of his bath while staying at the white house one night during WW2, very likely during his visit in May 1943, Churchill was walking naked from the bathroom to the adjoining bed room, He was indeed surprised to see Abraham Lincoln standing at the fire place in the bedroom.

In recent years during the Reagan Administration (1981-1989) there was some incidences related to the Ghost of Lincoln, Maureen Reagan, the daughter of President Reagan has mentioned that she saw the Ghost many times, and also their dog would refuse to enter Lincoln's bedroom standing outside the door barking.

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  1. I seem to remember hearing how one of the household staff having a run in with President Lincoln's ghost. If I remember correctly the staff member walked into a room and saw Mr Lincoln, Mary, and on of the boys. He asked if they needed anything, They said no thank you. The staff member backed out of the room and shut the door. Does anyone have any info on this?