Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Old Rusty Ford Mustang

Years ago I had a ford mustang. This mustang looked horrible, it was rusty all over. Rusty as it was, the car ran very good. However, my best friend always insisted on using his car whenever we went anywhere together. He always said he wouldn't be seen in my rust bucket. To be honest, I couldn't blame him. One day he and I were on our way to a concert about 100 miles away. We had to take my car because his was in the shop for repairs. The whole way to the concert my friend kept complaining about having to take my car.

After the concert we stopped at a fast food place for a bite to eat. On the way home my friend told me that if he ever died before I did, he would come back and haunt my car just so I would give in and buy a new one. We both laughed at that and soon we and my rust bucket made it home. My friend slept at my house that night because we got home late and he had to be at work in the morning. As he and I were ready for bed he told me again that if he dies before I do, he would come back and haunt my car so I would give in and buy another car.

A few weeks later my friend was killed in a car accident on his way home from work. I drove to his grave several times a week, Every time I would go to leave his grave site my car would not start. This continued for 2 weeks everyday. Until I went out and bought myself a new car.

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  1. As a car enthusiast, it saddens me to see once great vehicles left to rot and deteriorate. But it is good to know that the engine is still in top condition. Anyway, your tale scared the wits out of me. A dead car in an isolated cemetery is definitely a perfect thriller recipe.