Friday, September 17, 2010

Itching hands and Other Financial Old Wives Tales

In Norway there is an old saying that when your mouth start itching in the end this is a sign that money is on its way and with money, comes food and since food goes into your mouth it cause it to itch as a premonition of what is yet to come. Another one my mother and my grandparents always told me and anyone else they see letting this happen that they should never leave a loaf of bread on its back, it is supposed to be a certain sign, or opening up for bad financial times to come. In the US I heard they also talk about keeping loafs of bread on it's backside not because of money, but because of it being a symbol of life, and putting it on its back is putting your back on God.

When I went to the east coast of the United States I ran into others who believe  about money, and premonitions and omens thereof. My family here told me that having the palms of my hands itching and the cause was not of eczema, mosquito bites or other type of irritation, it was a certain sign that money would be on it's way. These types of sayings or old wise tales have always interested me, most of them have some grains of truth in them.

A modern concept in this category is chain letters that promise financial success, or financial disaster if one break the chain. Money seem to be a favored theme both back in ancient times, and in our modern world, as it is such a important part of our lives.

Here is another one I found interesting when I got to the US. Since I had never heard anything similar about it before, other than in Donald Duck cartoon stories. If you find a penny and it is heads up, it is a penny of luck, but it would not work its luck before you give it away to someone. This is a much more general saying but in our materialistic world money and luck is considered to be closely connected. This one is also about pennies and it is unquestionable true. Wrap a penny in paper and carry it with you and you will never go broke. True it is not much but as long as you have it with you it would be self-fulfilling.

Another one I found people talking about, if you keep picking up burnt matches instead of leaving them around one will find money. While  I am on the subject of burning, I also found one that goes like this, while peeling onions instead of throwing away the peel, burn it and you will never go empty handed.

Other sayings are more directed on what one could do on specific days like At Midnight of New Years Eve, while holding money in one hand, kneel down and pray and you shall have money the remaining of the new year. Or If you make money on Monday, keep it and the amount will increase during the rest of the week.

Shooting stars seem to be another universal topic, in Norway they are often surrounded by mystery and a promise to be able to grant wishes. Here is a different example of the powers attributed to shooting stars. If you see a shooting star, say Money, MONEY, Money and you will soon receive some.

The last example I am bringing up is this one, if you see bubbles in the rain, you will receive a lot of money. I would love to hear other examples of old wives tales, sayings or promises like the ones I brought up, as I mentioned before, I always found this interesting, and it does bring a deeper understanding how people used to think, and still do in the form of the modern urban myths, as talked about in my earlier entry 13th Myth or reality, though I think that in the cases when the sayings come true, it is more coincidental than anything else.

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