Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dream Healing

A few times in my life, I have experienced what I would call dream healing, I have had times when I knew someone combating some sickness, I would watch myself in a dream performing what I could only explain as a dream healing session.

In the dream I would watch myself as if I am doing a sort of surgery, medication or even spiritual cleaning of the person involved, which also would be there for the session. The dream would be in deep detail analyzing all parts of the problem areas, even discussing the issues at hand with what I could refer to as fractions of myself, attacking the issue from different angles, discussing what to do.

Then after this analytical phase one would step into another part of the dream healing, here one perform the actual healing each time unique for the trouble at hand. While one of my friends was combating depression and anxiety, I went into a system of reoccurring dreams once a week for three weeks, looking at his specific problem, first observing, and then performing a seance removing the blackened parts of his spirit, using a dream shaped scalpel, pulling and prodding him, after each time he would progress and it continued until he was declared to be totally recovered.

I would always wake up after this healing step, and somehow feel that this was no ordinary dream but a confirmation that the healing has been taking place and since I have seen this happen so many times that I do believe it is a form of healing, and there must be a lot of other people that do this too, one very famous "dream healer" is Edgar Cayce with his ability to solve medical questions asked him while under a dream or dreamlike meditative state.

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