Monday, September 27, 2010

The Mischievous Spirit

In my place in Tromsø, there was more than my brother and I, we both noticed a spirit tenant, which we just referred to as the mischievous spirit. The spirit seemed to be more active when only one of us was home, but he would sometimes make his presence known with both of us there.

Several times I would wake up having my face covered with what felt like spider silk, but it was not, it was the very fine fibers of a madras I kept locked up when my brother was away for a few weeks, since he frequently used to alternate between staying at our moms and with me. It was quite annoying but happened at least a few times a week when I was alone, and never when others were in the house.

My brother experienced his bags of sweets mysteriously disappear and reappear on the table in the living room, and one time he got locked out of the apartment by our mischievous spirit guest. He had just walked downstairs to pick up his laundry and as he came up to open the door he could hear the key that was in lock being twisted as the door became locked. Followed by the sound of the already locked alternative entrance door through the bedroom unlock itself. As if the spirit was just toying with him proving it could lock him out and unlock the doors as is pleased if it wanted to. Naturally he wondered if someone was inside as he entered he found the apartment had no one else inside it. He instantly called me to share his most weird experience ever.

Something we both experienced were with the lights, and this happened so many times each month, regardless if it was the extremely expensive long life bulbs that are supposed to last one year or regular cheap light bulbs the lights would get snuffed out as if they were candles, or paraffin lamps. Sometimes we would have to buy new bulbs at least once times a week for the very same lamps, and this made me feel certain that our mischievous spirit lived back before electricity since it still liked to snuff out the lights like it did back in it's own time.

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  1. I have a voice on a recorder that I received in a cemetary. The response was an intelligent response to something I had just said. It was a complete sentence. Could it have been something other then a departed person?