Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dreams of Tragedy and Impending Danger

My sister has a knack of dreaming of tragedy. Even as a child she would wake up and mention a dream  she had and in a few days it would work out. One time she dreamed that I was in a car accident and was in serious condition in the hospital as a result of that car accident and sure enough. three days after her dream I was indeed in the hospital, in serious condition from injuries from a car accident earlier that day.

We were both close to our Mother. My sister lived in another state then Mom and I lived in. Mom was elderly and sick in the hospital with heart and kidney failure. Sis called me at the house and while crying she told me she had a dream that our Mother passed away. I told her to calm down and that I would go right to the hospital and check in on Mom. The hospital was only a few blocks away and I was just there 2 hours before my sister called telling me about her dream and our Mother was not in good condition but, the doctor had told me he was confident she would pull through. I hung the phone up from talking with sis and as I reached for my car keys  so I could go to the hospital, The phone rang. I answered it shaking and trembling because I was afraid it was the hospital calling me. The call was indeed from the hospital and the nurse told me that my Mother had just passed away and I should come to the hospital to collect her personal belongings.

Another time my sister had a dream about our cousin who was expecting her first child, having problems with her pregnancy. About a week after her dream,  we received a phone call from our cousin's husband saying that our cousin had a miscarriage.

Through out my sister's life, she, at times, could dream of a tragedy or danger before it happens to a family member or close relative. If that ability is a gift or a real burden she says, she has not decided that as of yet.

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  1. I had a dream that had a voice in it that said my sister life was in danger. the voice repeated that over and over.