Saturday, April 30, 2011

Evil Entities - Demons

Illustration by PJ 2005

When we think of demons, we think of an evil, nasty, spirit. The term demon did not always mean that, in its greek origin δαίμων (daimōn) the term was used to refer to any divine entity. It was when christians and the christian faith seem to take over in Rome which already had adapted the greek use of the term, and spread through out the world that the term demon came to be of meaning of an evil spirit. Actually, I believe that a demon is an entity. The word entity can mean several things. For use in my  paranormal field of research and, this entry of the Paranormal Corner, we will refer to the term demon as an evil nasty dangerous entity. A demon was never of this earth and in christian beliefs, demons are the angels that were cast into hell from heaven along with Satan, making the term demons and devils equivalents.

The real problem with a demon is that you could have one in your home and not really know it. As described in Miracles - Gift of Tongue Xenoglossy, a demonic entity tricked someone thinking it was performing miracles and was a good entity. In another account The Possessed Role Play Game book a demonic entity entered a friend of mine through a book describing demonic channeling and conjurations for a game. Another example that show some typical signs of the demonic is in Three Scratches. Demons are also considered by some to be of a different dimension, making them ultra-terrestrial beings. Oppressions and Possessions are some also some of the other tail signs of a Demonic entity at play. Sometimes one get opened up for demonic possessions through practice of black magic or use of Ouija boards, Like described in the entry My first exorcism by Rev. Alaina Damewood. And the entries Possessions and Mary and the Quija Board by Jose Prado. Some members of the demonic are half-breeds like the Hags (Demon witches). Demons are universally affected by Salt, which is used in both protection against and in part for exorcisms.

I am sure that you would know that something was going on and, you may even that there we some kind of paranormal activity happening but, would you be able to tell it was demonic activity? A demon can fool you and make you think it is a nice spirit or a spirit of a loved one that has passed on. After it gains your trust a demon will start it's attacks on you, they are very patient and sometimes wait years slowly breaking you down and then one day moving in for the final blow. Demons can indeed cause you harm and have been known to even make people kill themselves. A demon will have no problem with taking over your body when it has got a foothold by having you accepting it and welcome it into yourself and thus using yourself to make you do its will.

Two of the fastest ways that I know of to cause a demon yo attack you and ruin every thing you have including your relationships, home, job,and even your life, is to use an ouija board and, or attempt a seances. An ouija board should never be used for any reason and a seances should only be attempted with a qualified medium! Even then, there is a chance that an inhuman manifestation could come into your life because you have just opened the door for it by having a seances. You have then in fact, invited it in, an good example how wrong things could go is in the can be read in the entry Mary and the Quija Board.

Some people say you can tell if a spirit is demonic or not by the odor it may cause. An odor of burning, rotten flesh is at times associated with a demonic haunting. A demonic haunting is an intelligent haunting because it can scheme and it is destructive of the person or persons that it is attacking, other phenomena known to be associated with demonic possessions is xenoglossy and phantomania, though phantomania could be present in non demonic experiences too.

There are some people that do not believe in demons as evil inhuman manifestations from Hell. These people tend to believe that some people are the demons and that they are indeed evil people. Everyone is free to believe what ever they choose to believe. For myself, I believe that demons from Hell and other places do indeed exist.

I would advise anyone who has reason to believe that they or a loved one or friend is being possessed by a demon or has a demonic haunting in the home or even on their land to contact a local paranormal investigation team for help and for the most part, paranormal teams do NOT charge for their services. Usually, once a person is possessed by a demon, a blessing needs to be done along with a house blessing and, cleansing along with a religious ceremony and, sometimes a deliverance or if accepted by the Catholic Church as a demonic haunting one could get someone from the Catholic Church to perform the approved exorcism, this is not the only way to do an exorcism, other religions than the christian church can also do this, as described in the entry Remote Exorcism.

Evil entities are mentioned in all religion even though the name for them differ the description of them are eerily similar pointing to the fact that this type of evil demonic haunting is universal and in opposition to all benevolent entities or angelic entities if you like.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stigmata - The Marks of Crucifixion

A Stigmata is when a person bares the marks of the crucifixion of Christ. The first case of Stigmata was that of Saint Francis of Assisi in the year 1224. Saint Francis of Assisi had the marks of the wounds Christ suffered during his crucifixion. The marks appear on the body mostly on the hands and feet of the person experiencing the phenomena. Others that have been reported to experience the Stigmata have been Giovanna Bonomi in the year 1670 and Domenica Lazzari in 1848. There have also been many reports over time that a person heart can show the markings of the stigmata. Back in year 1671 Charles of Sezze was found to have a mark through the middle of his heart as if a spear went through it and in year 1691 Caterina Savell experienced the same. Saint Teresa Avil also had the spear mark through her heart and as Saint Avil along with the other two, these marks through the heart have been discovered post-mortem. The best known Stigmatic is that of Padre Pio. His Stigmata started in the year 1918 and he had his stigmata marks for 50 years. As of date a Stigmata is more often then not associated with the Catholic faith.

People who truly have a Stigmata usually also have paranormal experience as well. The paranormal experiences seem to go hand in hand with the Stigma.
Some of the paranormal experiences that have been reported to happen to those with the stigmata are visions, channeling of  messages and, bi- location, when one can be seen in two places at once.

There are those who say that the paranormal has nothing to do with religion or ones faith. I myself, think that God and Christ are very paranormal due to the fact that they both can do many things that cannot be explained by science or logic and that alone is paranormal.

For further reading and sources here are the pages we used for this entry
The ASSAP entry on Stigmata by John and Anne Spencer
The New Advent page Catholic Encyclopedia
The Franciscan Friars Stigmata of St. Francis
The published research paper Starvation, Serotonin and Symbolism. A Psychobiocultural Perspective on Stigmata By Daniel M. T Fessler
Padre Pio in Encyclopedia Britannica

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Residual Energy - Genius Loci - The Spirit of a Place

Illustration by PJ 2006 "Genius Loci" Norway

There are many types of hauntings, intelligent, poltergeist, spirits, demonic and then you have Residual Energy hauntings.

Genius Loci or The spirit of a place as it is also referred to could be looked upon as the residual energies of those that lived, still live, died and visited the place, each and one of them leaving some residual imprint that now and then repeat part of the things that happened there in the form of residual energy released in the form of a repetitive energy haunting, this is a non-intelligent residual energy haunting.

We create energy everyday. Our bodies give off energy. So residual energy is like an imprint of what we created. Every time you become happy, sad or feel fear, anger or, love you create an imprint of energy. A strong energy imprint can last for many many years and it seems to become recharged when similar events or emotional energy repeats itself in the place, like that of a married couple arguments or reenactments refuels the genius loci of the things that happened decades and centuries before.

If you hear a sound or, see a apparition or a shadow almost anything at the same time of day or night then you might be experiencing residual energy. Residual energy is stirred up by the living when we do or say something that has to do with  the reason the energy imprint was left in the first place. It is we the living that stir up residual energy.

To the best of my knowledge, residual energy cannot harm you because it is not intelligent. It is only activated by the people around it and, it can not communicate with the living. It has been said before that almost half of all hauntings,  are residual hauntings. Therefore, those  are not haunted at all. they are simply left over energy from a person or an event that a person went through.

That person could indeed be dead but that person who left that energy imprint could very well still be alive. However, as I stated earlier if a person is dead then if that person left residual energy, only a person who is still alive can stir that energy up and get it going.

Residual energy has no intelligence. It has no feeling or will of it's own. It has no control over anything at all it is in effect a reflection and recollection of what once was, but still is in full represents the atmosphere of that location. Intelligent haunting can also get refueled by similar events repeating themselves in the area but then this is because of the spirit recognizes what is happening to be similar to what might have caused their demise and inability to let go of the location in the first place.

These residual energies would feel like they are good, evil or neutral depending on the imprints that the genius loci are built up of.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Synchronicity and Unsynchronicity

Illustration by PJ 2005

Synchronicity is defined as two or more unrelated events that seemingly seem to be connected or end up connected in a unexplainable way.

Like so much else synchronicity and unsynchronicity range from the normal non-paranormal coincidental events of bad and good luck and circumstantial oddities of statistical probabilities. What put synchronicity into the field of paranormality is when it is combined with a strong feeling of fate and a faith that there is something more going on. In those respects is it similar to coincidences which on their own does not carry with them a paranormal element as described in the entry called Coincidences, Umberellas and Cars, and the entries of unlucky numbers like 13 Myth or Reality? and Curses, Evil Eyes, Hexes and Jinxes which deals more towards unsynchonicity, another example that could be described as an example of synchronicity is in the entry Abundance, where a chakra candle was used to change the synchronicity. All it is all part of the same cosmic flow of energy of the external and internal consciousness.

In my own life I have had the feeling of something being synchronized and that this is the time to act upon this as the window of opportunity is there and one could then fortieth it or jump on it, luckily I have always been blessed with being on the better side of synchronicity, and even in times when one feel like one is trapped out of ones synchronicity one would know where to head in order to get back into the positive side of things, similar to how omens (Omens in a Coffee Cup) could work as the type of warning to avoid or at least limit the impact of a bad upcoming streak of unsynchronicity.

If one looks at the possibilities for positive and negative events that could affect your life at any moment of time, you will have a high probability of nothing major to happen either way, and some possibility of more rare things and also an extremely small probability of extraordinary things to happen to you, this is where synchronicity comes in as it deals with adjusting the probability by notifying you that something is about to happen, and if you do things right or wrong it would be a turning point in that instant of time. May this be winning a big lottery by feeling inspired to use a special non-random number like ones phone number or avoid an early demise from a freak accident by ducking down at that very instant due to an inner feeling or such.

In some aspects synchronicity is one of the few phenomenas where anybody can greatly influence their own synchronicity, each and every time one do anything this triggers a new wave of synchronic ripples that cascades and reechoes touching and rippling the synchronicity of others. When I think about it astrology probably follow much of the same pattern of thought as the modern term Synchronicity describe, only in astrology one is using the spheres of the stars in the Kodiak, the Moon and the planets to tune in to your personal synchronicity or if you want your personal karma, destiny or opportunity. 

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mother Spirit Looking For Her Baby

Photo by Rinko Kawauchi

This is a story my very good friend Masaki shared with me. He is a 28 year old Japanese guy, who lives here on Honolulu. A short while ago he told me about an experience he had when he was 15 years old and shook him up so much that he never forgot it. Now, Masaki was never one to put much stock into anything paranormal still, when he thinks about this experience, he ends up shaking.

At the time, Masaki was living in Tokyo and it all happened while on a summer school field trip with his class and a few instructors. The field trip took them to the city of Nagano. As they were all checking into the hotel, the desk clerk told us that during the second world war, a young mother became separated from her baby. No one knows what ever happened to the baby but the mother was killed during the war on the spot where the hotel now stands. They were also told that if they heard a women calling out a name, not to respond to it in any way because, it would be the  spirit of the young mother looking for her child and, if they did respond, the mother would take their spirit thinking it was her child and would take them off into another world.

That night, Masaki could not sleep, he just laid there awake and thought it was because he was he was excited about the next day going around in Nagano because he had never been there before. At some point Masaki got out of bed to go to the bathroom. Once he was finished in the bathroom he walked back to his bed again. At that point Masaki heard a young women call out a name, It was his name, he looked around from where he was standing and saw nothing unusual and saw no one else in the room. Not knowing what else to do Masaki crawled back into bed and laid there and he continued to hear his name called out by a young women. Every time he heard his name being called out. It sounded like the voice was closer and closer to him until, he threw the cover up over his head in fright. He did not respond to what he heard and he lay there shaking. Finally, the calling of his name stopped and he somehow he fell asleep.

Now can a 15 year old boy have an active imagination? Yes. Could it have been hotel staff playing a joke on him? yes but, not likely. Or, could it simply be that the young women's spirit was there still looking for her baby? You bet it could be.

Today Masaki visits Nagano on a regular basis for the company he works for here in Hawaii. However, he never stays at the hotel where this happened. However he always stays at a different one.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sage - Salvia apiana - cleansing of the soul and protection against evil spirits

Salvia apiana also known as White Sage, 
Image from Wikimedia Commons 

Sage (Salvia apiana) along with many other herbs have been used for centuries for spiritual  cleansing of the body and mind as well as the home and, also for protection. The herb we will concentrate on today is Sage. There are many different kinds of sage. The on that I will touch on today is white sage, also known as California white sage or sacred sage. White sage which we are talking about in this entry is not to be confused with Diviner's Sage (Salvia divinorum), Diviner's sage, which also is known as Maria Pastora and Seer's Sage is a related herb with psychedelic properties, and where used to bring visions when smoked.

White sage is said to be extremely efficient in cleansing the soul. It is also good form warding off any evil spirits that may be around you. Sage is also known to have many health benefits. Sage can be used for such things as relief from sore throats,  and colds and. it can also be used for internal issues. For more information on that you can visit

People have used sage for personal cleansing too. Sage helps in relaxing yet, bringing  more real energy to the body. For many years sage has also been used for group cleansing and protection and a feeling of well being. Many people have used sage to cleanse their house or apartment. More info and instructions on personal , group and, home cleansing can be found here.

Sage has enjoyed popularity around the world. people sometimes use it as  incense, it can be used as a tea or by burning and smudging it as it has been said that sage is good for whatever is bothering you.

One of the common use of Sage is to do a practice called ( smudging the seven directions ) When sage is smudged in the seven directions, one is more able to feel the calmness and relief and cleansing of the spirit and mind. If you are interested in smudging, you can find the info here.

Sage is a powerful tool, but it is a tool that can only drive away evil when used properly. It will drive away Evil spirits that are not connected to a place or spot; but if the spirits already have a foothold in someones house it will only serve to weaken them and purify the house causing them to have to retake the house again. It will not drive them away entirely.

It is only part of the solution but it is not the entire solution. I would recommend continuing to burn Sage in order to continue weakening it, only make sure you use White Sage and then have a Priest or Priestess bless it just to increase it's effectiveness.

Doesn't matter what religion the priest is, Pagan or Christian or Buddhist etc as long as its a Priest from a Benevolent religion. That wont drive it away but it will help to weaken it and burn away the negative energies that may be within the house. I recommend cleansing yourself as well. Either with the sage or using a simple technique.

There are many ways that work for cleansing both using sage and other ways here are some ways that Jose Prado has found to work well for him.

1) An Anti-negativity Grounding. A grounding is a technique most Magick users like Wiccans use to get rid of extra energy they summoned up from using powerful spells or rituals. If you have too much magickal energy it can cause problems because you might accidentally cause things to happen by sheer will even when you aren't trying to or you can call attention to yourself from spirits. What I have done is create a type of grounding that drains negative or dark spiritual energy out your body via the same technique.

Sit down in the grass usually barefoot and either puts both feet on the ground or the palms of their hands on the ground. Imagine your toes turn to tree roots and connect to the Earth or they place both hands or even one foot and one hand down on the dirt or grass and imagine the fingers/toes to become roots.

Then you pray to one of the Earth gods/goddesses and ask them to take your negative energy away from you and to purify it and send the purified energy to whomever they believe is worthy. That way you get rid of bad energy and get good karma for sending it to someone in the world. Plus its an offering to the Earth gods so you get some favor.

Another way to do the same thing is a shower cleansing where you imagine your under a mystic water fall and there is one golden tube connecting to your forehead and another golden tube connected to your lower legs. The outside of the water fall is cleansing the outside of your body from dark or negative energy while the tubes are sending holy water energy to clean you out from the inside out and the bad energy goes out of the lower tube down the drain to the Earth gods to do the same thing. Either one will work but try to do it at least once a day and you will see results.

This will help stabilize you from any residual negativity you may be picking up from the spirits. I think sage is worth looking into and reading up on the many different ways sage can help in ones spiritual life and well being.

ADMINISTRATORS NOTE... If you decide to burn sage, Pleas read all instructions on that are on or in the package. Sage embers burn VERY HOT and will catch carpet or paper and other objects on fire. Please follow all instructions on how to burn and smudge sage !!

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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Shadow of The Fireplace

My friend Sandy and his girl friend were staying the weekend in a cozy cottage that has been in Sandy's family for generations. Although it  has been in Sandy's family all this time Sandy himself had not been to the cottage since he was a small child due to school and being busy with family commitments over the years.

Finally, one weekend Sandy had the chance to take his girlfriend to the cottage for a romantic weekend. The cottage was located in the mountains of Vermont. When they arrived, they had to hike about a mile to the cottage because it was located  a bit more then a mile off the road. Once they reached the cottage, Sandy started a fire in the fire place and they made some food and played some music. They both fell asleep in front of the fireplace.

After a while they both woke up and  retired to the sleeping area right across the room from the fireplace and  fell back asleep. After a while Sandy woke up again and he felt very strange. He said he felt like he was frozen in the position he was laying in and that was on his side facing the fire place. While laying there feeling strange, Sandy said he saw a dark shadow move across the mantel of the fire place and the wall above it. He thought at first he was just really tired and he closed his eyes for about thirty seconds. When Sandy opened his eyes again, he almost jumped out of his skin because this dark shadow was moving towards him.

Still paralyzed, he told me he had never been that afraid in his life. Sandy said the dark shadow was moving toward him and then, right before it go to him it disappeared. At that point, the paralysis disappeared and Sandy woke up his girl friend. He franticly told her what he he had just experienced. His girl friend was so sleepy that she just told him his eyes were playing tricks on him and not to worry about it. Sandy told her at that point that he was pretty frightened by all of this and she told him to try to get some sleep.

Sandy was too shaken to even think about sleep. This shadow would move from the mantel and head towards Sandy every few minutes. This kept going on for about two hours and then stopped. The dark shadow had seemed to stop. Sandy finally fell asleep about dawn.

The next afternoon Sandy and his girl friend were talking about his frighting experience from the night before. His girl friend reminded Sandy that his grandfather died in that cottage some years ago. She told Sandy that maybe it was his grandfather just checking to make sure that Sandy was ok and doing well. So that night when the couple went to bed, Sandy talked to his grandfather and assured him that things were ok and that he was taking care of all things that needed to be taken care of in his life. All of a sudden, Sandy said this warm, loving feeling came over him and he knew then, that the shadow was indeed his grandfather checking in on the grandson he loved so much in life. he felt he no longer had to be afraid.

That day and early evening, A huge snow storm had started. The winds started  were high and by morning the roads blocked by drifts. Sandy and his girl friend had to stay in the cottage three more days. However, at night, there were no more dark shadows and no more uneasy feelings in the cottage and Sandy and his girl friend both slept well.

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