Monday, August 30, 2010

The Evil Up The Road

Back when I was a child my family lived on a very populated road about 4 miles outside of town. It was just off the main highway. If you followed this road about a mile and a half from the highway, you would come to a left turn onto a side road.  That side road was just a dirt road that was not paved. There was only one house back that road. I was always being told by my older brother and older sister as well as both my parents to never go back that road for any reason. My Mother always said that there was some kind of evil back that road.

Through the years I heard many of neighbors say stay away from that road as well. That was until one night not long after I got my drivers license.  My friend and I were out driving around just because we could. I had my license and my parents bought me a secondhand car and I could drive when and where I wanted to. I picked up my friend who lived about three blocks from me and we drove into town and hung out with a few other friends.

As we headed back home that night, my friend said he wanted to go back that road. I told him no way and that he as well as everyone else in the neighborhood has always said stay away from that road. As we got closer to home he finally managed to convince me to take that left turn and drive back the road of evil, as people in my neighborhood called it. I had to admit even though I was scared still, I always wondered what it was that was so evil back that side road and who lived in the only house back there because we never saw them whomever it was.

We made the turn and it was just a few minutes after 10PM. We drove past the short dirt lane where the only house on that road stood and we could see light in only one window of the house. We drove another half-mile or so and we came to the end of the road, a dead end. As I turned the car around, I got this nervous, sick feeling in my stomach knowing that we had to drive this road once again to get off of it. My friend looked at me and said that he didn't know what it was but that, he felt strange. I started to drive faster and right before we reached the short lane where the old house stood, we both saw what at first I thought was an elderly lady along the road.

As we got closer and I slowed down a bit we could both see that this woman was transparent. You could see her but you could also see straight through her. What we were seeing was an apparition. Her hair was long, straggly and her skin was as white as snow and it seemed that there was blood on her face and many other places on her body I stopped the car and we both looked out the passenger side window. She turned and looked in at us and then just disappeared right in front of us while she was standing there.

We took off and didn't waste any time. I was driving down that road like i was in a race car and to be honest, it is a wonder we made it to the end of that road alive and as I stated earlier, I had just had my drivers lichens two days prior  to this experience. I was not by anybody's definition, an experienced driver. Given my inexperience behind the wheel and as frightened as we both were, we are truly lucky that the car did not wreck with both of us in it. After what seems like a long time we came to the end of the road. We turned left and got back on the main road and went about a half mile and I pulled over and I was breathing hard. I looked over at my friend and he asked me what the hell was that we saw?  Then he stated, it had to be a ghost and then said please let's just get home. I started to pull out back onto the road and I checked my rear view mirror for any oncoming traffic and, as I looked in the mirror, there this woman was, sitting in the back seat of my car. I yelled for my friend to look in the back seat, as he did, she just disappeared into thin air again. Weeks later we both told our parents about our experience. Even though both my parents and his were upset that we even went back that side road. My friend's parents  told us both that about 50 years before my friend and I were even born, there was a gruesome murder back that road and a elderly women was murdered. They told us that this elderly women had been stabbed,shot and,beat up. My guess is, the woman we saw was the woman that was murdered on that road. I think her ghost walks that road at night. I can tell you one thing, My friend and I both to this day have never and will never go back that road again for any reason !

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  1. W0W...maybe next time, you'll listen to your parents huh?! ;)

  2. I would not say this was evil, maybe she was just a lost soul.

  3. Sounds like she is a lost soul. She met a tragic end and she may not know she is dead. I don't think she is a danger.

  4. She will always be there untill her killers are taken care of.