Saturday, August 28, 2010

I See but I Don't want to

Illustration by PJ

This the retold story from my 22 year old friend Jean from Tennessee, and she gave me permission to present her story to you. -Gary

I was just like every other happy well adjusted girl in their 20s. All except I knew things. I even saw some things that I didn't want to see. When my dad was killed in a car accident, I saw that two days before it happened. I even told him what I saw and he drove that day anyway and he was killed in a car accident.

I had a boy friend when I was 20. we actually started going out when I was 18. He was the love of my life. However, when i was 20 I was eating with a good friend of mine at Burger King one afternoon, all of a sudden, I got a picture in my mind of my boyfriend kissing another girl. Exactly eight days later I walked in on my boyfriend and another girl kissing and they were in a very comprising position.

I was also able to see where my mother lost her job when I was only 15 years old and she did indeed  get let go from her job  due to downsizing. I knew ahead of time that my aunt would have a heart-attack.

All my life I could from time to time see some tragedy that would happen to me or a family member. The problem is, It is always something bad that I see, never anything good or happy. For that reason, I would rather not get these visions. I do not have to be asleep. They are not dreams it is that all of sudden I will get a picture in my head and what ever it is I see will soon happen!

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  1. I am a Prophetic Dreamer and none of my dreams are good or happy. They are always about disaster or murder. Such as my dream about what happened in Chili.(The Earthquake.)I take sleeping pills to go into a deeper sleep so that it cuts down on alot of the dreams.

  2. I believe or speculate based on my own experiences that precognition is a reality. It can be good, bad, or even meaningless to us. In the beginning so we are told there was nothing which exploded and from that moment space/time formed our reality. We think of time as the passage of moments but you can also think of time as merely a separation in distance. Imagine a friend who lives the other side of town and that it would take a long time to walk without transport. These days we can make a phone call etc to communicate in an instant. Now imagine you could communicate with all your senses in a way that is beyond that of current knowledge. The only obstacle is distance if you overcome the distance then you can communicate and interact with any moment in time. It all sounds like crazy stuff but logically based on your experience my own experiences and the experiences of others the theory fits in explanation. The sad part is when you are privy to the future it isn’t always good news and although you get notice the event is somewhat fixed in my opinion in that you will be unable to effect a change in the outcome.
    What I would like to say to you is learn to treasure every moment those that you love are not always destined to be with you forever in this place here on Earth, but be reassured that you will be reunited in life times to come. At the moment it is merely a separation in distance.
    I wish you well...
    Kindest regards,

  3. believe you can. never give up and always seek a positive dream. dont give up. you have to earn it. your gift is to be respected. i'm saying you dont but please understand if you cant shut it off then you must grow as if you were taking your first steps. God Bless