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Living in Massachusetts Part #1

This is in from Eileen, sharing what happened while she was living in Massachusetts.
We lived in Mass for a few years in a huge house that we couldn't really afford to heat after the first year. It was myself, my husband and my year old son. I was asking my friends  if they knew about a more affordable place to rent. I watched my two friends look at each other and then they finally said, yes. I didn't think too much about that look at the time.

We cleaned it up and finally moved in. Almost immediately odd things started to happen. I bought a brand new pair of sneakers and set them next to each other when I took them off. I would go out and come back and find them on their sides. I mentioned it to my husband and he said, yeah, my boots keep doing the same. I thought it was just uneven boards.

The house had been a single 3 story family dwelling that had been made into 3 apts. One to each floor, It had a front staircase and a back staircase, as a lot of old houses in the neighborhood had. All 3 apartments used the back staircase, while the first two apartments were connected by the front enclosed staircase. We lived on the first floor.

I never had a bad feeling about the place. My son had his own room in the back of the house, off the kitchen. As a toddler tends to do, He didnt want to go to sleep and he would cry and fuss. A couple of times I was just about ready to go and see if he was wet or uncomfortable when I heard him start to babble and laugh and not long after that he would fall asleep.

Other things would happen. The bathroom door would never stay shut, I would check it, making sure it was latched properly but most of the time it would slowly open itself. Things I would put down were not there when I went back for them. I even lost one of my sneakers. I tore the house apart, thinking maybe my son had put it someplace when he was walking and playing around the house. I even checked the trash can and toy box. He tended to hide things. We found him hiding the car keys one day in the huge planted plant we had in the living room, We would never had thought to look there if we hadn't caught him burying them. I never did find the other sneaker when we finally moved out.

After a few months I was having coffee with some of my friends and knowing that 2 of the 3 had lived in the house at one time or another, if they had anything strange or odd happen to them?

They said yes, they both had, I asked them why they didn't mention it before and I really didn't get much of a answer. They  gave me the history of the house. It had one time been the home of a bedridden mother in her 90's and her daughter who had been tending her. The daughter was in her 70's and had a heart attack and passed away. by the time anyone figured it out, the mother had passed on also. The house had been boarded up for quite a few years before someone bought it and renovated it, breaking it up into 3 large apartments. Apparently though, they couldn't keep tenants in it for very long,, especially those with children.

My friend Jane had lived up on the 3rd floor with her very small daughter after her divorce from her first husband. When her daughter got extremely sick and was hospitalized, Jane would be at the hospital quite a bit. She would come home exhausted and very upset. One night, she was sleeping and woke suddenly and saw a woman standing at the end of her bed and she swears she heard the woman say that her daughter would be just fine. She said she fell back asleep and slept the rest of the night in a deep sleep. She went to the hospital that morning and her daughter had taken a turn for the better.

She thinks the woman she saw was the daughter of the house. She wasn't the only one of her family that had odd things happen. Her brother was over for his nieces birthday party when he and the rest of the family watched a toy duck cross the room with no apparent help what so ever. Her father had stayed over once and would not stay there by himself again after that. I did not find out what happened with that, but her father was a firefighter and was not frightened easily.

Jane also said that when she was getting ready to marry her second husband, she kept the wedding gown on the back of the bathroom door. She would go out and come back and the dress would be on the floor across the room. That happened a few times and she told me, laughing, that she should have listened to whatever was trying to tell her not to get married, because he turned out to be a big jerk. Jane and her daughter had moved out after the wedding.

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