Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Young Spirit Haunting

Photo by PJ 2005

Back years ago I was in a hospital with a friend of mine visiting her child whom was there due to a rare kidney issue. My friends little boy was very sick and not expected to make it. We were told we could stay as long as we needed.

It was midnight and I was worried about my friend as she was very tired and under so much stress that I suggested we leave and I would stay at her place with her just in-case she needed to return to the hospital anytime over night. My friend said she would much rather stay with her son because he was so sick. I agreed and we both pulled up chairs by his hospital bed and sat down to wait out the night. At some point we both fell asleep and I woke up at 3 am. I was sitting there thinking about if I should go to the gas station about two blocks away and get my friend and I some coffee. She was still asleep and I didn't want to wake her.

Right then I heard what seemed to be a child running down the hallway right outside the door. As I stood up and put my jacket on, I hear the footsteps  running back the other way. on my way out I stopped at the nurses station to tell the nurses that if my friend woke up and asked to please tell her I went for coffee. As I was walking down the hallway with the coffee, I once again heard the foot steps and this time they ran right past me.

I checked in at the nurses station and I inquired about what I was hearing. I told them that I could swear I heard running in the hallway a few times  and that it sounded like a small child. At first the nurses just looked at each other and said nothing. I figured it was something they were not willing to discuss so, I took my friend's coffee into the room. A few minutes later a nurse came into the room and asked me to step out in the hall for a minute. I did as she asked and she went on to explain what I was hearing was the spirit of a young child that died in that hospital many years ago. She told me that the fact that I was hearing the footsteps and running out side the room meant that it was a good sign that my friend's son would be ok. I asked her how he could be OK when just hours ago we were told he was not expected to make it. She looked at me and said she just felt he would be ok.

The about five hours later there was some improvement in his condition and over the next days he kept improving. In one week my friend's son was back home and in two weeks he was just like any other 4 year old. I went back to talk with the nurse and she told me that ever since a young boy died in that room many years ago. Staff would at times hear him run up and down the hall. When they would hear this it always seemed that some small child was in that room and not expected to live. However, if they heard the running whoever was in that room and whatever was wrong with them they lived and made full recoveries. In addition, my friend's son told her weeks later that when he was sick that he dreamed that a young boy visited him and told him not to worry because he would be well again soon.

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  1. What a beautiful blessing the sick child was given! The phantom child was there to help the living and spread the positivity!