Friday, August 6, 2010

Mysterious pillar of light in 1968

Illustration Photo: Example of a beam like Aurora Borealis

This is a experience my mother had when she was a teenage girl back in the fall of 1968, in Northern Norway. She told me about this experience many times, and have since then tried to figure out what it could have been, could it really have been aliens or should one look for a more down to earth explanation.

This all happened on a Friday night in 1968, her and her older sister had been out dancing and were on their way back home, as they were walking the sky was clear, there was no moon but the stars still kept the path through the forest lit enough for them to see. Knowing that their parents had told them it was sinful to dance, and listening to rock music they were making plans for what to say if they happened to be asked how the night had been over at their friends house.

My mother told her older sister how she could not believe it could be evil to dance, and they both agreed, jokingly her sister starts dancing, and they are booth chuckling, as a pillar of light comes down on my aunt who is still dancing. My mother pulls my paralyzed aunt out of the light and they both start running home, as they are running my aunt is to scared to look back, but my mother wanted to see what was going on so she looks and yells for them to run faster as they could see the pillar of light is trying to search for them, zig-zagging through the forest. She could not see anything that the light could come from, no balloons, no planes or anything. To this day she does not know for sure what happened that calm autumn night in Northern Norway.

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