Monday, August 9, 2010

The Heart On The Wall

This one is in from Eileen in Pennsylvania.
I was 15 when my grandmother who helped raise us passed over. She had moved in with us after my mother had died and I loved her dearly. She was from Belfast Ireland and still had her brogue. I went with my dad to funeral home and helped pick out a very nice dress and all the other stuff that went along with a nice ceremony.

 I was at the viewing and was noticing all the flowers and people when my cousin Bea came over. She goes to me,, do you see that? I looked where she was pointing and there above my grandmother on the blank wall, was a perfect shape of a heart.

The two of us noticed it but no one else did. I was looking at the rest of the wall to see if there was any other shadows but that was all there was. I know it was my grandmother's way of telling us she loved us.

I spoke with a angel communicator a few years ago and asked her to ask the angels how my grandmother was and she said, Everytime you hear music, your grandmother is with you. So I guess Mom Mom is with me quite a bit.

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  1. My son Nicholas passed away twenty years ago and I never really got over his death. A year ago my oldest son, who is a tattoo artist, came up with a way to honor his brother's memory. On the day he did my tattoo with his brothers and sister's name, When he cleans off the extra ink that goes on my skin.... On his deceased brothers name, when he opened the napkin there on the napkin was the perfect heart. I wish I had the picture, My son looked up and said " Mom, Look he is happy that we are honoring him......That day I felt truly connected with him and we miss him every day and think about him everyday and I know he is always with us in our memories and our hearts.

  2. NConcepcion35,

    What a wonderful and heart warming story.
    Thanks so much for sharing it.

    Take Care & God bless you and your's

    Gary ... The Paranormal Corner administrator