Monday, August 23, 2010

The Haunted Primary School Stage

This is one of the scariest experiences that I've had in my childhood, and it was experienced not only by me but by all of my 5th grade primary class of 23 students back in Norway. It all started one windy cold autumn day during recess, usually we were not allowed to stay inside the school between classes, but since the teachers had declared the weather outside to be bad enough that we could play inside instead.

I do not recall how this started but I do think it all began with a dare from some of the boys to the girls, we had all heard that our school was supposed to be haunted, and the best spot would be in the basement bomb-shelter behind the school stage, and it was to us known as behind Amfi, which was dark and a part that none of us had ventured to before.

I stayed in the sloped entrance area about 15 yards up from the school stage, with 4 of my friends, we had a perfect view as 15 of our friends disappeared into the dark, and the rest stayed at the stage preparing to enter in to join the exploration towards the bomb-shelters. Then all of the sudden we heard screams from the darkness, and watched our friends running towards us in panic out of the dark, but their faces did not look normal, it was like they were wearing a gray mask making them look inhuman, and it was not only me that saw that. All of us up in the entrance had the exact same experience of the event happening only 15 yards away from us. 

When we all got upstairs I noticed and brought to attention that my friend Tordis' left hand had a deep rift in it and was covered in blood, he was one of those that had gone deepest into the area behind the stage, but was unaware that he had been hurt before we brought it to his attention. More-so when we as a group described what had happened, both the girls and the boys in the darkness had heard a deep voice speaking to them, there, and they had felt a presence that filled them with fear and caused them all to run back up in panic. None of us ever went back behind the stage.

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  1. oh wow if i this you i would do reseach on your old school and see if there more to the story.

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