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Living in Massachusetts part #2

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We lived in that apt for about 2 years and over those years a lot of little stuff kept happening. My husband worked nights and I was there with my young son. I never felt uneasy but I really was homesick for Pennsylvania. There was a small family owned store about 5 houses down from us. I would go there for stuff like milk and eggs and bread in a pinch. I would go out the front entrance and walk down the sidewalk when hubby was home at night. The street light was always on. I never noticed it being out. I did this a few times before my husband mentioned something odd to me,He said, that streetlight only comes on when you go out on the front sidewalk and goes back off when you are in the house. I said you're kidding, he goes I am not. The next time before I went out the front entrance I looked out the window and the light was out. When I finally unlocked our front door and went out on the porch it was on.

We became friendly with the two families that lived on the second and third floors. On the second floor was a young family with a husband and wife and two small children, a boy and a girl. Anne was a stay at home mom like myself so a lot of times we would take the kids out to play together. We would be in the back yard, where we made a play area for the kids, or we would go to the dam to swim. Anne and her husband were having a rough times and anytime they would argue, the kids would start to cry and the TV and or the lights would turn on or off, The volume of the TV would go up and down like it was trying to drown out the arguments or the kids crying. It happened even if the TV was not plugged in.

We were up at their place for New Year's Eve the last year we lived there and the discussion came around to the weird things that were happening in the house.

I was babysitting for the lady on the 3rd floor at night while she worked. I had her 11 year old daughter down on the first floor to sleep. Her mom would come and get her in the morning. She always locked the door to their apt and one day she came in to get her daughter and was really pissed off. I asked what was wrong and she asked me why I kept letting her daughter go to the apt while she was working. I said I haven't ever let her do that. She looked really confused and said that all her knickknacks were moved and some were laying on the floor and this was not the first time. I told her I honestly never let the girl go out of the place while she was in my care.

So we were talking about all these things when the guys start to joke around that we should get a Ouija board. I said No Way. I didn't want to go anywhere near one of those things.

My husband and I went back downstairs and were sitting in the living room and were talking about all this stuff. It was a cold night but not at all windy. On the windows I had long heavy drapes on the two front windows and on the one side one. There was a porch on the house and a large rhododendron plant at the corner of the porch where the one window was. As we sat there and were talking, the subject was back to the Ouija board when all of a sudden just ONE panel of the 84 inch drape moved straight out from the wall. It was parallel with the floor and ceiling for about a minute. It slowly floated back into place as both myself and husband stared at it with open mouths.

After a minute or so my husband goes, Did you see that?  I shook my head. He says that up till that happening he really didn't believe in this stuff but It made a believer out of him that night. He went over to the window to see if there was something that could have cause that one panel to float like that. There was no wind coming in the window, nothing attached to the drape itself. He even went out on the porch to check the other side of the window. Nothing!

That was the most dramatic incident that happened to us in that house and we moved out not long after wards. To say the least, it was interesting.

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