Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Last Essence

When my father passed away he was found holding onto a neck-less I had given him a few weeks earlier, it was a Native American designed silver neck-less with turquoises, and two silver eagle feathers.

Returning home I brought the neck-less with me, since it was so dear to my father I wanted to keep it with me. The next few nights I had dreams of my father searching for me seemingly confused, because he was still attached to the neck-less and it was not anywhere close to his home city anymore.

I continued having dreams with him visiting me for a few weeks, until he felt at rest. If one pick it up feels peaceful and now at rest the last essence still present in the neck-less that he cherished so much.

Just now while I prepared this story for the Paranormal Corner, I have a feeling as if my father is reading it with me, bringing a feeling that he likes it too. It brings me confront to know my father is at peace, and I know he could still visit me when he wants to do so.

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