Tuesday, August 31, 2010

House Blessings - Your Home is Your Temple, A Sanctuary for You

This is my account of the power of house blessings, and the peace of mind one could have in ones home when it is kept physically and spiritually in order, and as such protected against evil forces of all sorts.

In Tromsø a few years ago I felt like my home was becoming desecrated, there was this one heinous video circling on the web showing people getting murdered in the most horrible way, and my boyfriend kept watching them all over all day, whenever he had friends over his first action would be to show the uncensored video which one could not see in fullness on Norwegian TV.

Soon he would be watching the site more and more, it kept building up his hate, and it felt like it was spreading filling the home, making it defiled. Then after one week of pleading him to stop I went ahead and did a house blessing. At this time, one of his friends was over eager to be the next one to see the murders in all it's evilness. I left them alone in the computer room and moved over to the South corner of our kitchen and started praying, I prayed for protection of our home, to keep evil out of it in all it's forms, to bless our home and bring back the sanctity of mind and sanctity of our home. It felt like a spark of positive power spread from the Kitchen and illuminated our home pushing out any darkness that was working it's way in.

After 15 minutes or so it felt like our home was spiritually rejuvenated again, and soon after my boyfriend and our mutual friend came over to the kitchen. I asked them if they had seen the video, the reply i got pleased me "No, for some reason we spent the last 15 minutes trying to get it up, it would not load anymore, strange since it worked perfectly all of this week before". Not only did he never mention the site after the blessing it seemed to be like it had been removed from his mind since he did not try to watch any of the videos again.

This is not the only time that I have experienced the effect of house blessings, but this is the most instant and deep lasting one I have experienced. Here there was not used sage or incense for the cleansing, as in the ritual of Smudging (Read entry Sage used for cleansing of the Soul and Protection against Evil Spirits)

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  1. This sort of reminds of a period in my life when my best friend in another State would occasionally email me samples of whatever sadistic pornography he was into. My then girlfriend told me whenever I opened his emails my whole demeanor would worsen. Needless to say, I requested my friend no longer send me any more junk. I've always lit white candles-white representing good, pure & Holy-and prayed in my home for everything pure and good to surround me, especially before investigating an alleged haunted place.

  2. Very excellent reading here today. I do nothing negative in my home. Even down to the smallest detail such as allowing people to bring hard liquor into my home. I do enjoy a glass of wine when I'm soaking in a hot tub. My husband was an alcoholic and all of those feelings of hate would grow and grow and it took me till his death before I could clean myself and my home. Now everyone tells me that my home has a welcome feeling. Peaceful. And finally now I am at peace all the time. But I always remember how it started with his drinking. Now that that nightmare is over my home is a happy home.

    The movie The Entity and movies like that I stay away from. Don't get me wrong.I loved my husband but his negative behavior spread like wildfire.

    Beware of it and keep everything clean and clear.

    Moon Baby