Saturday, August 21, 2010

Electromagnetic Psychokinesis

Back when I still was a teenager, I found out that I had the ability to affect electrical equipment, if I was stressed out I would frequently make computers crash or do things on their own without even pressing the keys, seemingly randomly, and my mother found herself doing the same thing causing computers or other electrical equipment close by to malfunction, when stressed, or angered.

As I grew older I experimented and found out that I could actually control electrical gadgets by mere thought, this would be enhanced by touch. One of these earliest types of experiments I tried out with my mother, was on electrical temperature meters, and tools for measuring electrical energy in volt, amp and ohm. It was surprisingly easy to make the values on such electrical meters to increase or go down by holding the probes and concentrate on which values one wanted to alter.

In later years I found that I was able to actually sense electromagnetic fields emitted from electrical household items, plants, people and this also seemed to solve another mystery that I had been growing up with, related to pains all over my body when there was high amounts of aurora borealis, which actually do alter the electromagnetic spectrum in Northern Norway where I grew up. Another phenomena that I noticed was that I would after these electromagnetic storms be more charged, and one would frequently release visible sparks when getting close to or touching objets or people, making both jump from the instant jolt.

With time I learned to focus what I think is the electromagnetic field that my own body generates, and use that to alter electrical equipment in a form of electromagnetic psychokinesis, with this I have found phones to complete dialing numbers before I have actually punched in more than the 4 first didgets, magnetic key locks to unlock by mere focusing on putting in the key card and punching the code by focusing my mind to mimic the brief signature electromagnetic change that I felt and remembered when actually using the magnetic key cards and combinations. This same minute change in the electromagnetic energy of a building at night I have even been able to use to feel when someone enters a building like the night security at the University.

In some ways i think the key to understanding telepathy, telekinesis and many other psychic phenomena's and spirit phenomena's lays in the field physics field of electromagnetism.

Other stories that would bring more depth into this subject is Telekinesis and Poltergeist Activities, and the experiences described in the story When Your Energy Make Objects Fall.

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  1. This is actually referred to as Micro Psychokinesis! There are lots of studies being done on this topic in the Journal of Parapsychology If you can do this by will, you should DEFINITELY go and check out what you can do to further the knowledge of PK.

  2. It is what it is, Micro...Marco...Mental energy...electromagnetic fields. Tk-Telekinesis Pk-Psychokinesis is all "electromagnetism". The very spectrum of "pure energy" that surrounds and penetrates almost everything in are universe, without it...nothing will maintain or survive,therefore all this about Telekinesis can not exist without it. I'm not a scientist I'm not a physicist, just someone with comment sense.

  3. We are "electric" people. Beyond simple PK, is when say telepathy interacts with telekinesis to "cause" events anywhere in the world, just by thinking about it happening. This is, I suppose, how real magic (aka magick) works.