Thursday, August 19, 2010

Deepfreezed: The Grendels of Area 51

Many think of Area 51 being a place with secret research into UFO's and aliens, but there are so much more going on in all fields of classified research projects, and among these, research into cryopreservation. This was brought to our attention by someone that has been in touch with those that work at Area 51, about a incident that happened in 2005.

According to the source, US researches found a few Grendels frozen in the ice of Antarctica. The Grendels are said to be dragon/frog like, their eyes are illuminating and reflects red, and I was even given help making the sketch depicted above. Grendels have the ability to be frozen solid, without tissue damage to it's cells, and therefore are the perfect research target for anyone that want to unlock the technology to get functional cryopreservation that could be used for space exploration.

In 2005 the scientists of Area 51 went ahead and thawed up three of their Grendels, but was surprised by the viciousness of the Grendels, and the fact that they seem to have psychic abilities, being able to communicate with each other telepathically and even read the minds of people. When the first one woke up it went on a rampage killing both scientists and guards in the laboratory, the alarm was sounded and all security, and military personnel was called in, even the perimeter guards which usually never are allowed to enter the core of Area 51. Unable to subdue the Grendels, they had to stop the Grendels by sealing them into one of their subterranean areas, under Groom Lake which the Grendels still are, thriving and increased in numbers laying egg-pods, living of small critters, and hibernating between meals to this day.

Could this be true? Does this story have a grain of truth in it, Are they actually Grendels in Area 51? and if so, could they actually have broke loose and settled a colony in the subterranean tunnels of Area 51, sealed off because they are still not able to remove this Grendel infestation. Could there really even exist a beast like the Grendel with the ability to be fully frozen in the ice of Antarctica and then come to life when thawed out? I found the topic interesting enough that I would share it and let the readers themselves come to a conclusion.

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  1. Interesting. I hope there IS more intelligent life than humans.....

  2. This is interesting. Beowulf killed a Grendel in the Norse legends. That Ledge took place up near the Arctic Circle. There may be more truth to that Ledge than first thought.
    There still are frogs that can stay frozen all winter and thaw out in the spring.
    Area 51 is referred to as Alien space craft, reverse engineering, and Alien life. I was not aware that they did Cryopreservation there. That sounds like some thing they would do at Deuce NM in the labs there.

  3. its probably all true cuz there are more things out there than we can imagine ;)

  4. The only truth is that there was a story called Beowulf and Grendel was in it

  5. There are3 alien bodiea there from the 1948 crash AT Roswell, I've seen rthem but I'm still not allowed to talk much about them.

    Charles Brandon