Saturday, September 18, 2010

Paranormal Phenomena: Vardøger

The paranormal activity that I have experienced is more than any other is what in Norway is called vardøger, a vardøger is a spirit predecessor and is considered to be a form of bi-location, and it is when one hear a person before they arrive, and it is said that this is their vardøger, spirit predecessor or spirit follower that appear a few minutes ahead of the person it is preceding. For some reason this type of phenomena seem to be typical in Scandinavia but almost unknown in the rest of the world.

Growing up everybody in my house would frequently hear the sounds of people on their way before they actually get there, the sound of the knocking on the door, removing of outer clothes, shoes and such in the hallway, and with experience one could even know exactly whom the vardøger is for, since it would follow the exact habits of is double. For example I would always hear my grandmothers vardøger as her entering the hallway, brushing off sand of her shoes, entering the inner hallway while carrying a pile of wood before entering into the kitchen refilling first the wood pile before opening the kitchen wood stove and filling it before it ever happened.

One would enter the kitchen to find it empty before again hearing everything in repeat as my real grandmother enters and does everything in order just as her vardøger did.

My uncles, aunts, brother, parents, other grandparents, friends of the family and even guests one had never met before would also have the vardøger enter or park outside in their car before their actual arrival.

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  1. I encountered a man in my life recently. He looks like me, as a male. our ages are spaced i'm 24 he's 42. for every talent i've worked toward and suddenly lost focus, he has mastered. he's a black belt ninja and psychic master as well. When we formed an instant psychic link. he would alwyas know what I enjoyed doing and come to me with tempting offers for oppertunities. Each time he did this I would go on guard and somehow block his offer. After several attempts he began to get angry and send out frequencies because he saw that i was on to his game. the issue is i believe he actually percieves himself justly. due to ascension i've come to understand these processes of our heritage once legand or fiction are becoming a part of reality. I myself am a star seed with an activated merkaba and understanding of bilocation/ tri/ di.... because I have seen the succsess of my once unobtainable dreams, mirrored through a reflection and realized their inability to accept love on any level, due to a subconsious self judgement of disbelieve in their power source they struggle in collapse of their ego conditioned barriers.

  2. I know someone who can do this. I saw it just last week. There wasn't any mistake about it. I've been loathe to tell them about it, so as not to interfere.

    I found them because they gave off energy I could use to work less hard (I'm an old Castaneda student who hasn't abandoned it). Eventually I noticed, if I was absorbing this persons energy by contact, I also got visited by their dreaing body, which would converse with me as if it were a normal situation.

    But I didn't expect they could bring their dreaming body into the visible world. Carlos used to tell us that, but it's hard to accept until you see it yourself.

    This person is a natural, and clueless about the whole thing. I'm afraid this person would be fightened if I let them know what talent they have.

  3. That is very weird. When my father was dying of cancer, and after visiting him and coming back home, someone would always see me and then see me again. They would see a "spirit" that looked just like me walk in and a few minutes later the real me would come in.

  4. My husband is a massive case of vardoger, i know before i get any experience now, it feels like a split-second pause - and in that pause ill experience what he is going to say on moment of arrival, exact time of arival & entry point chosen back or front door - in just a second - all this information - i got used to the daily experience, and figured when it happened (which it did everytime) i always had a brief warning of his arrival - so i'd finish what i was doing, put the jug on and usually id end up opening the door for him in his face!!

  5. I have seen my husband twice. the first time we were living up North, and he and my daughter were heading out the door to go to work. He gave me a kiss and I saw them both go to get in the truck to leave. Then the phone rang and it was my son, about that time I saw him come back in the house and give me an upset look, like he was disappointed in me, but he didn't save anything. I hurried up and told my son I had to go, he then walked up stairs. I hung up the phone walked up stairs went room to room, but didn't see him, then I went back downstairs, and looked out the big plate glass window in our entryway, and his truck was gone. There was no way he could have passed by me I thought, and that night when he came home, I asked both him and my daughter if he came back into the house. He said no, and my daughter swore he didn't after they had left. Then just a few weeks ago it happened again, this is like 3 years later. I went to the kitchen to get a drink, I turned around saw my husband, and he didn't have a shirt on. This time he didn't look at me in any sense that I thought he was mad like he did the first time, he turned and went toward the bird room, which was away from our bedroom. I walked back into the bedroom and there he was sitting in bed except he had a shirt on, I asked if he had gotten up to go into the bird room, and he said no, he had been sitting there the whole time. What is going on with this. I do not understand, and have not had this happen to me before. Would be so happy to understand what in the world is going on. Any thought would be so helpful, Thank you.

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  7. Many times in my life I have heard family members arrive home only to have them actually come in later on, maybe 10 minutes later...creepy.

  8. I had to google a lot here to understand what people were talking about (star seed, mercaba, bilocation, etc). I'm not sure about any of that but I'll tell my story. I was bored on a rainy day here and figured I'd google these events that happened 20 or so years ago. I'll post this in case anyone was looking for similar stories because I haven't found any. (no exciting astral projections so that loved ones may visit a newborn baby from across the world- really no big story behind my story)

    Twice I've seen my brother precede himself. The first time he came into the room, after I heard raised voices of him arguing with my parents. I was about 12 or so (and he's 2 years older than me), laying on the upper bunk bed and he came in, swearing and talking to himself about them... I didn't look up but saw him out of the corner of my eye and in the dresser mirror, and felt the bed shake as he flopped onto the lower bunk. I asked several times "what happened? Why were they mad?" and then gave up and kept reading... a few minutes went by and I finally got up on my knees to see the bottom bunk reflection in the mirror, thinking he'd be asleep or making a silly face for me to lol... there was no one there.

    Oddly it didn't occur to me to leave the room or be scared. It was totally my brother that I'd seen in my periphery. I settled back to read. Within 15 min it happened again, all the same except this time as I heard the fight downstairs I was waiting... the sound of him running upstairs, all the same. I kept my eyes on him as he came in, saying and doing everything the same. This time I hung upside down on the bunk bed to not let him disappear and was like "touch my hand... just touch it..." and he did... and it was him again. So I just explained it to him and he said "hmm" and shrugged.

    About 6 yrs later it happened again with him. It wasn't any more enlightening than the first so I'll spare the long details but basically I was downstairs studying for final exams when he came home late, walking by and ignoring my questions until I finished a section and went into the room I saw him enter and he wasn't there. (again, periphery- I was head down in a book and saw him walk by above my field of vision. Everyone else was already in bed. Different location in same house. He wasn't angry or upset (I'd by then read that this is a northern European thing and that you can precede yourself in times of high emotion), "If anything I was hurrying home because it was cold out" he said as I questioned him when I heard the steps, key/door/steps and finally saw him I got up and ran around the table to touch him and told him it had happened again. Again he believed me I'm sure (why make up such a lame but mildy interesting story) and just shrugged.

    Never happened with anyone else for me. Only happened in that childhood home (1970s home, not super old). I've been thinking a lot about it lately. I know I saw what I saw... but why? Funny, right?

    Canadian Vardoger

  9. when I look in the mirror I see an exact replica of myself only it is made of yellow light. It comes out of my body and stands next to me or moves to the ceiling. I think it is a doppelgänger or a dreaming double. I don't know.