Friday, April 30, 2010

The Falling Photo

In our family home in Gettyburg, PA, my Mother kept a photo of her sister in Baltimore, MD, hanging on the wall in the living room. She had it in a nice frame right on the wall for all to see. One night right before it got dark my Mother was sitting in her favorite chair and was talking about her sister (Sandy). She was explaining to me that she couldn't stop thinking her sister all day and she was going to call her before she went to bed that evening.

As soon as she said that, the photo fell off the wall and the glass in the frame must have gone into a thousand pieces all over the floor. The first thing my Mother did when it fell was she picked up the phone and started to make a call. I ask her who she was calling as I was carrying a broom and dust pan into the room to clean the broken glass up off the floor. My Mother informed me that when a photo falls off a wall that usally means that whoever the photo was of has just died and she wanted to call and make sure her sister was ok.

She dialed and then hung up saying that her sister's line was busy. As soon as my Mother finished telling me that our phone rang and my Mother answered it and she began to cry. After she hung up from the phone call she told me that it was a call about her sister. It seems he sister was at her home and suffered a stroke and fell down the stairs and died. It was not the stroke that killed her but instead it was the head injuries she had received from the fall.

I never was very superstitious but still after that, I do not hang photos of loved ones on any wall.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Grams & Bobby in the Window

Photography "Bedroom Window" by Kurney Ramsey

This one is from Debbie in Palm Springs, California, thank you Debbie for a great post.
When I was a young girl we lived in a apartment complex. A good neighborhood, nice people and no crime. My bedroom was bright and cheerful like a young girls bedroom should be. At night I would lay in bed and listen to music as I looked out my bedroom window.

Now, when this experience took place I had one older brother. My brother was 19 and I was 17. My Brother's name was Bobby and was a really good guy just a little wild, always taking chances that he didn't need to take. It always worried me about his driving, and his underage drinking and just his no worries lifestyle that he lived, it also concerned our parents. Bobby was a great guy as I said. He was very kind to everyone and he was well liked by all. He was just wild in his ways.

One summer night Bobby was out with his friends. He had to work the next day but I knew that would not stop him from coming in any hour of the night or morning. As I lay in bed with soft music coming from my radio, I felt a strange sense of worry and sadness come over me but I didn't know why. I could not sleep so I decided to go to the kitchen and get a snack and try to shake this feeling of despair.

After eating a few cookies and drinking a half glass of milk, I went back to bed as I lay there looking out my window. The electric went out and there were no lights at all in the neighborhood as far as I could see. I tought to myself this was all I needed because I could not sleep and now I had no music.

I got up and sat on the edge of the bed, and the strangest thing happened at this point. My deceased grandmother who Bobby and I were very close to while she was alive appeared outside my bedroom window and Bobby was with her. The radio was off but through the radio I heard my brother Bobby say to me. "Sis, I'm sorry but I had to go. It was my time and you know I love you, Mom and Dad". I will be ok now because I am with Grams." and then Grams said "" Don't worry Debbie, you know I will take care of Bobby".

At this point, the electric came back on and the radio was once again playing music. Grams and Bobby were no longer there. I continued to sit on the edge of the bed and I started to cry. Through my tears I heard the phone in the kitchen ring a few times and then I heard my mother cry "NO IT CAN'T BE MY BOBBY!!"

The phone call was from the hospital and the person on the other end of the line told my mother that Bobby was in a car crash and died instantly. I waited a good amount of time before I told my Mother what had happened that fatal night that Bobby died. She is very much a doubter but yet she also can't explain the electric going off and why I couldn't sleep that night.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Nana is Watching Over Us

Sky "angel" photo taken by Jonina Oskarsdottir

This is another story from Cathy in Gettysburg, PA
When my granddaughter was around 1 year old, I was feeding her as she sat in her highchair. She looked around me and very clearly, said "Hi Nana" as she waved. I turned around and said, "Hi Mom!" as I knew my Mom was there. She had passed away 5 years earlier and my granddaughter had not met her in life, but I knew she met and knew her spirit.

A year or so later, I was holding another granddaughter, around 1 yr old, looking at some pictures on the wall. She pointed to a picture of my Mom and said "Nana". Spooky? Not at all. I firmly believe my Mom is here watching over us and visiting the babies.

As babies, the girls (independently) would be jibber jabbering to someone and if you asked them who they were talking to they'd say Nana. Stuff like that. It was very evident that Nana was around. This was definitely a baby/toddler thing as they rarely talk of her anymore.

They are now 8 and 10. It was always comforting to me that she was watching over them (and still is, no doubt!). I think that the older you get and the more innocence lost, it becomes harder or they have more things on their minds (but "Nana" is in the background.) Do you understand what I am trying to say? A lot of older kids wouldn't want to talk about something like that, you know? It would embarrass them of make them feel weird or something. I admit I have not asked the kids about her. I feel the memory is with each of them to treasure always. 

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Love You Nana

This one was sent to me by Cathy In Gettysburg, PA. Great post Cathy!
I lost my beloved "Nana" when I was 10 years old. I loved and missed her so much. I also lost my baby brother, Timmy when I was 7 due to crib death. About 6 months after my "Nana's" passing, I was walking to school one day on a clear brisk autum morning and up ahead of me I saw a woman who looked like my Nana from the back, pushing an old fashion baby carriage. I called out to her and she turned around and said to me, "Cathy, I am with Timmy now. I love you! I started to cry because I missed her so much and I wanted her to hold me again." I started to run to her and she disappeared. I ran home crying and my Mom told me that Nana came to tell me she is ok and still loves me and that she is with Timmy.

This has got to be my favorite childhood memory. Afterwards, when I calmed down, I silently thanked my Nana for coming back to me and a kind of peace settled over me. My Dad said it was just my missing her, but I know I saw her and I know she spoke to me. So, since the age of ten I have known that there is life after death, and Angels and spirits do exist. There is no doubt in my mind. This happened 40plus years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Growing-up as a Psychic

Here is another contribution from Nina in Tromsø, Norway
I think that I have always been psychic, I used to know things that no one told me, like when I was about 4 years old, I shocked my parents by telling them that I felt really sorry for our neighbor Astrid, then when they asked why I told them that she was dying. They got even more shocked when they went over to see Astrid and she told them she was dying of cancer. Then when they asked me how I knew I would simply reply, "I just know". I do not remember this one myself, but it was one of the earliest cases of the paranormal that my parents experienced from me, and they made sure that the early stories got retold as I grew up.

One of the earliest recollections that I actually remember myself happened back in my grandparents house, I was about 5 years old and the house has always been haunted by the earlier generations of our family, all the way back to my great great grandparents. This one time the spirits were especially restless, turning on and off lights, footsteps and knocking. I stood there in the middle of the kitchen were the most commotion was and said loud and clear to all the others present. "There is nothing to worry about, these are just the spirits of the house letting us all know they are here, and that they are here watching over us".

Since things like this always happened to me it is one of the most natural parts of my being, and I am used to getting bits and pieces of information from objects or when giving someone a handshake, though I do not share this fact with most people, since one could quickly be marked as insane by those that do not understand, believe or those that even think that psychic abilities are of the devil.

Personally I believe that any abilities psychic or normal ones could be used for good or evil, so the abilities them-self does not make one in league with the evils of the world. I have also learned that people from Finnmark, especially those that are full or part sami like me seem to be much more willing to believe in paranormal phenomena's than those from Tromsø or farther south in Norway.

I have never been able to control my ability other than one could choose to be open and prepared for the flash of information and thereby catch more of it or one could choose to block it thereby only getting very tiny fragments. Strong emotions are pretty much impossible to block and some people would literally blow your mind out with their own total chaos in their emotional state of mind.

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9/11 - A Norwegian's Foresight Story

This one is from Nina in Tromsø, Norway.
I recall that back in July 2001 I was about to travel through New York City, how I wanted to see the World Trade Center, I back then had this odd feeling this would be my only chance of doing so, not because I wouldn't be traveling to NY in the future but because I felt the towers would not be there the next time.

Then a few months later, in the first week of September and I was chatting online with my American friend Gary, over in Gettysburg PA, I told him that I had this odd feeling something bad was going to happen in New York really soon, something that was not an accident and that It would be really bad. Of course Gary refused to believe me, but I was adamant that he should tell his friends and family to stay away from NY that day, this was a really odd feeling since I have had feelings of bad things happening to members in my family, friends or neighbors and then it come true since I was a little kid, but never anything about people I never seen or heard about in a different country.

It struck me like a strong emotion, like the pain and grief of many many added together, overwhelmed me making me feel weak, frightened and lost. Then on September 11 the pieces all came together and my horrible foresight came true, even-though I didn't see the specifics I knew this was what I had felt, all that grief, from those in the flights, in the World Trade Center and from all the friends, relatives and loved ones they left behind, it still shocks me thinking about that, both my emotional foresight, the fact that I a few months earlier felt the World Trade Center was not going to be there much longer, and that I one week ahead felt it was really coming true.

Other similar 9/11 accounts, An Interesting True Empathic Psychic Experience by James D and A Psychic Experience by Stephanie B

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Monday, April 19, 2010


This one in from Danny in Maryland
I was always a happy go lucky type of kid. I Never really gave much thought to anything that could be considered paranormal. I guess I just always figured everything happened for a reason and that was that. One day right after my 18th birthday that all changed.

Two days before my 18th birthday I was walking with my friend Mike on a street in Baltimore, Maryland, the city my friend and I both lived in. A strange sort of homeless looking lady walked up to me on the street and said to me "in 4 days your life will change. You will suffer a very sad tragedy but shortly after that you will become very rich and your life from that day on will change for the good".

I didn't care for this lady, who I did not know nor did I like that fact that she approached us on the street. I didn't want to sound rude to her so, I just said. "Really? Well what about my friend (Mike) here with me? Any good fortune for him too?" She looked at me with sadness in her eyes and told us that we would part ways very soon and unexpectedly. We both laughed and told this lady we had to go so we left, leaving her standing there on the street.

My friend, Mike and I continued up the street and went into a store to get a few things we needed for a party, at the store I also bought a scratch off lottery ticket. Mike and I then went to my place and put the party goods away and I laid the lottery ticket on the desk downstairs. And forgot about it. Two days later we had the party and Mike had to work but he assured me he would arrive at the party as soon as his work shift was over.

My parents and sister and younger brother and several cousins, aunts & uncles were all at this party as were many of the friends that knew my family and of course they knew Mike. As you can probably tell Mike and I were best friend since early childhood. For many years you would hardly ever see one of us unless you saw both of us. Only one other person besides Mike was not at the party yet and that was his older sister as she would arrive with Mike.

The party was in full swing and I felt like I needed some air so I went out side. Once outside I wondered where Mike was and why he was not here yet. I then heard sirens from a few streets over and to be honest, I got this scared, uneasy, nervous, feeling in the pit of my stomach. I made up my mind that if Mike was not there in another 20 minutes I would go looking for him. I went back into the house to join the party and talk with relatives I have not seen in a good while.

Keeping an eye on the time I saw where 20 minutes was up and still no Mike or his sister. I excused myself from a conversation I was having with my aunt and ran upstair to my room to get my jacket. As I was heading up the stairs I heard the phone ring. I continued going to my room to get my jacket and then headed back down stairs to leave and go look for Mike. My parents met me at the bottom of the stairs and they both had a look of horror on their faces. My Mom explained to me that the phone call was from Mike's mother and sister and that Mike had been invloved in a traffic accident and his mom and sister were requesting me to come to the hospital because it did not look good for Mike.

My parents drove me to the hospital as I held back my tears. My best friend was in a bad way and needed him to make it, to survive so all could be ok again. once at the hospital, I broke out crying as Mike's sister ran up to me sobbing and telling me that mike was on his way to pick her up so they could be at my party and he lost control of his car and went across the road and hit another car. Through my tears I tried to calm her down telling her that it would be ok and Mike would get better and he would be ok. I took her out side to try to calm her down and down the hallway I once again saw this lady who said i would be rich. I yelled at her to stop but she walked around the corner and I ran to the corner and as I rounded it I saw she had just vanished. Mike's sister and I returned to his room and I took his hand and kissed his forehead, telling him I needed my best friend and to please get better. 15 minutes later Mike died.

About 2 months later my Mother found the lottery ticket behind the desk as she was cleaning. She asked if it were mine and I just held out my hand not really wanting it but it was one of the last things Mike and I did together was buy that ticket. I scratched off the ticket and it was indeed a million dollar winner. I gave half the money to Mike's family as a tribute to my best friend.

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Coincidences - Umbrellas and Cars

Thank you Petter, for this entry. The nature of coincidences and for the related phenomena of synchronicity is that they could be one of many just likely and unlikely outcomes in any given situation. By this fact one would be destined to experience a few totally unlikely outcomes in a few cases in ones lifetime while most outcomes are mundane and will be quickly forgotten, the rare, bizarre and mind-boggling ones would always be remembered and if fantastic enough spread like a viral network, even possible growing into the realm of legends.

I will here mention a few coincidences that I have experienced, two of them minor and one which might have been the difference between life and death.

My first example of coincidences happened in 2002 one sunny calm summer day while walking to University in Tromsø, Norway I spotted a black umbrella sticking out of a bush, I picked it up and checked if it was in good condition by opening it, I found it to be in perfect condition, then while holding it up it started poring down rain, I completed my walk to the University and avoided getting soaked.

The second example I am sharing is also involving me walking to a university, but this time in Honolulu, Hawaii back in 2006, I had my umbrella with me, and even-though it was sunny and not a cloud on the sky I opened the umbrella and put it over my head, to my surprise some birds that I had not even noticed released their payloads of muck, not one but the whole flock, naturally I threw away the umbrella in the nearest garbage bin.

My third example is the most compelling not because it is unlikely but because it was a coincidence of life or death. This happened to me in January 2005, it was my very first week in Honolulu, Hawaii, and I was walking with Gary to a computer store to get a American power-cord for my laptop computer. There out of the blue a car with a male driver lost control in the traffic and turned straight in my direction of the sidewalk, on my left side was a sign and on my right side was a massive brick wall, The driver had a little baby in the front seat and it had taken away his attention from his driving making him crash right into the sign, pretty much making a wreck of both the car and the sign, leaving me totally untouched, just a slightly startled. One could call it a stroke of luck, divine intervention or coincidence, either way I was safe and the driver left in panic, some other people came over and asked if I was alright, and it took quite a while before Gary stopped shaking.

I have experienced countless other coincidences during my life, but I will not bore you with them all.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Babysitter and The Balcony

This one is from back when I was still living in Tromsø, Norway. Since I always loved a good story, and my friends loved to share their ghost stories with me. This one was told me, by my friend Rob, he had just been babysitting for a few weeks and was quite eager to share this story with me.

The story went like this, according to my recollection of it; The kids went to bed and everything was calm in the house, while the babysitter was reading books with his back against a door that opened out to a 2nd floor balcony, on the stroke of midnight, that door swung open, he checked the door and closed it thinking it must have been a gust of wind, even though it seemed so calm that night. But no sooner than he sat down the door swung open again, this time he checked it furiously pulling it too see how much it would take to swing open, and figured it would not open easily at all. Closed it and sat down to have the same incident repeating itself. Thinking to himself this seems to be something more than just gusts of wind, he spoke out, letting what entity this might be to leave the house alone, since the parents were not home and he was there to watch their kids.

When the mother returned he confronted her and asked if it was common for the balcony door to open up on its own, were she immediately responded, "ooh that is just my mother, she likes to check out on the kids at night". She took him out on the balcony and pointed over to the nearby graveyard. "She is buried there and loves to sweep by and check us out quite often".

The next night he was babysitting again at the stroke of midnight, the balcony door swung open, but this time he was prepared. Telling the spirit of the grandmother that he was the babysitter, and she didn't need to worry about the kids, and that the mother would be back around 3AM if she wanted to visit her then. All was calm for the rest of the night, and the mother returned on time, and no sooner than she entered the home, the balcony door swung, with the grandmothers spirit there to check on time that everything was in order, and that her daughter indeed got home safely.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Foresight - The Ability of Precognition

Photo by TJ of the road outside of Vadsø

This is a compelling true story from TJ in Norway, She have shared several occasions with me, when she experienced precognition, that kept her out of harms way in near accidents.

This one time she came home from Vadsø, Norway, after driving, she told us that and had experienced a foresight, while driving on a known dangerous road turn with limited visibility due to a large cliff, she had a sudden feeling that something was not right just around the next turn, and that she needed to slow down in order to avoid an accident. As she did around the cliff were two cars involved in a collision, and had she been driving at normal speed she would been unable to avoid crashing right into both of them. Just one of many similar foresights that kept her safe while driving or walking.

Another example of foresight that TJ shared with me happened back years ago, long before cell phones existed, when her husband and his brothers were out on a fishing trip and were caught in a unexpected storm. The other spouses were very worried, and when they noticed how calm TJ was, and they wondered how she could stay so calm when her husband was out caught in the storm. She calmly told them that she felt that they were not in any harm, and that they would all return home in about 15 minutes, and right on the clock there they all returned safely just like she predicted.

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A Dream Come True

Illustration Photo by PJ, Honolulu, Hawaii 2005

Back about 25 years ago I worked at a high class tavern in a ski resort back home in Gettysburg, PA . My job there was to assist the manager of the tavern and also to hire the entertainment for the tavern . It was a job that took a lot of time and energy but I loved doing it. Well one Thursday evening I was getting thins ready for a band that I hired to start the next evening and to play throughout out the weekend. Making sure the contract was for the band was all signed and that the room was ready for the band and so on and so on. All of a sudden I started to feel tired, very tired. I hurried and finished my work for the night and went straight home. Usually once at home I would eat and shower and do things for about three hours and then go to bed. On this nigh when I got home I took a real fast shower and then went right to bed. As I crawled between the sheets I remember thinking about how tired I was. I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed after a good nights sleep but yet, I was thinking about the dream I had while asleep. Not that the dream was strange but yet I couldn't get the dream out of my head. While asleep I had a dream that I was sitting on a bed in Indian fashion, talking to a guy about my age back then. This guy was sitting on a chair beside the bed, and that was it, that was the entire dream. The only thing strange about this dream was the fact that I was talking to this guy and when I awoke I knew I didn't even know this guy and have never met him so why was I talking to him in my dream? I didn't even know for sure if this guy really existed at all.

At work that afternoon I wondered why I could not get this dream out of my head. At about 3:30 pm a waitress informed me that the band had arrived to set up and practice before the show that night. I ask her to have one of them come in my office so I could give them their coupons for free meals for the weekend and ski passes in case any of them wanted to go skiing and also to give them the keys to their rooms for the weekend.

A young man walked into my office and I looked up as he entered and we both just froze in our track. he looked as if he had seen a ghost and I am sure I also looked the same. This young man was the man I was talking to in my dream. Now, this band was came from a city three hours away by car and I am sure I never met him before. I introduced myself and he did the same and after some small talk he looked at me and asked if he knew me at all and I said I didn't think so as I have never been to the city he lived in and he informed me that this was his first trip to this city that I lived in.

As we walked to the rooms the tavern provided for guest he looked at me and said "I know this sounds strange but i swear. I had a dream about you last night and I don't even know you." I almost fell to the floor when he said that and I had to tell him I had a dream about him the night before as well. We talked and both wondered why we dreamed about each other and what it all meant.

Well, neither one of us could come up with a suitable answer. However we did become instant friends and hung out for a good year after that and then our lives took us in different directions but, we did stay in touch for three more years and then we lost contact.

I often wonder whatever became of my friend and I bet he often wonders about me. I hope he is doing well and I also hope we will meet again some day. We never did figure out why both of us dreamed about each other before ever meeting each other.

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Rondo - The Oracle Cat

Photo by TJ, Norway 1994

This is about a cat called Rondo, whom the owners in Vadsø, Norway, claim possessed mystical powers like telepathy and being able to answer questions in Norwegian.

Rondo could answer simple questions with the Norwegian words for yes, and no (ja and nei), the more impressive parts is when he answered the questions before one even asked them to him, like if using some sort of telepathy, in both cases of answering a question asked orally or telepathically Rondo would look deep into your eyes with a piercing glare and utter his answer loud and clear, and each time it was the correct answer.

Rondo loved watching TV and also had a cunning ability to pick out the villains in any show by clawing on their face whenever they appeared, even before their role was ever revealed. Rondo even knew how to operate the remote control, using it to turn on his favorite show, Tom & Jerry.

The owners told me this cat was not only an oracle but also extremely cunning and evil, and that he loved torturing, taunting and scaring them, especially their family dog had to endure hours of the cats painful games of torture.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Possessed Role Play Game Book

Thank you Nina for todays contribution.
I must say that this was one of the most frightening experiences I ever had to look into, it all happened when a friend of mine once bought a Dungeons and Dragons role play game book, from a second hand store in Tromsø, Norway, the catch is he got more than he bargained for.

For years he would wake up with mysterious scratch marks on his back, shaped like if made by a triple clawed being, I saw the claw marks myself and they were indeed in angles, and locations that would have been extremely hard for him to make on his own, he even showed me the book in question. It did indeed feel like very eerie and I felt like filled with fear when I for the first time held the book in my hand.

He complained about seeing mysterious shadows in the corner of his eye, while living in his dorm, and any plants he put up would mysteriously wilt and die. He also experienced xenoglossy, the ability to speak and read languages he could not possible know himself (Read my entry Miracles - Gift of Tongue - Xenoglossy). I have heard stories before that one should be careful with some role play games since some of them has a dark side, the book he happened to buy was about demons, and how to summon them in the game terms, not that he ever did that himself, but perhaps the previous owner did.

The episodes of the mysterious events continued, making him more and more ill, claiming it sometimes spoke to him, and even gave its name, which belonged to the ancient Sumeria. I would not share the name because of the evil nature of demons, but by my advice he sought help of the clergy, got blessed and by a many month long battle he managed to expel the demon, all his sickness disappeared over night, and made him a true believer in the divine and still a firm church attender.

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The Lost Wedding-band

This event happened on our two year anniversary when my wedding-band mysteriously showed up in our cup-board one year after it disappeared.

I had looked everywhere for that ring, and it was nowhere to be found, then on the very wedding-day while I was doing the dishes as usual, in front of the glasses right there it was, it would been impossible to miss it and my spouse swear he had not seen it either before I came running into the living-room with the lost wedding-band.

We had no guests over either, and not even the neighbors or our landlord knew the date of our wedding day. Just another mysterious event experienced in our home in Tromsø, Norway, it was also just one of many items that disappeared and mysteriously reappeared while living there.

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The Cat That Could Pass Through Locked Doors

Photo by PJ, Norway 2006

This is another experience from our place back in Tromsø, Norway, not only on one occation but on several over the years we would continuously return home to find our cat inside our locked apartment after we took him out with us and left for work, store, university or where ever.

At first we thought our landlord, that lived upstairs from us might have been nice enough to lock our cat in for us while we were away, but when we asked he said that we had the only keys, and even if he had keys he would let the cat stay outdoors until we get home.

You might think like we did that he might enter some other way, like through an open window or a ventilation shaft, we though about that too but on none of the occasions was any of the windows open, they were all securely locked, and our cat was not able to get in through the ventilation shafts since all of them were blocked so they would let air in but keep any animal out (like a rat, cat or bird) secondly all the ventilators to the apartment was too high up for our docile and heavy set cat to climb up to and to narrow for him anyway. He never even climb trees.

The most compelling happening was when our landlord returned back from vacation after two weeks and unlocked his own apartment upstairs to find our cat inside waiting for him, he was totally shocked to find the cat there and could see that he was in good shape and would not been what one would expect if he been there for two weeks locked up, so when he brought our cat down to us, we could inform that we had just put him outside a while earlier so it seemed totally impossible for him to just appeared into his apartment like that, but still that was exactly what we had experienced so many times our self.

Some would say he could have sneak in without you noticing him, but I know for sure we would have noticed him, and since we were aware that might been the case we made sure he was not around when we opened the door to remove any doubts in case he made another surprise entering, which he continued to do.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sightings of deceased family members

Bjørnøygata in Tromsø, Norway

I myself have known several people that swear they have had conversations with deceased family members. These people insist that the conversations they say they have had with deceased family members happened to take place while they were awake. Not that an experience such as that is in all reality not possible. I seem to think that it is indeed possible.

A few years ago I did myself experience something like this while living in Norway could have sworn that I saw my Mother who had been dead for five years. I was also very awake at the time as it was early afternoon. I was standing out on the porch of the house I lived in located in Tromsø, Norway. I looked over across the street and saw my Mother standing there and she waved at me to come over to her then, she just disappeared.

My Mother was always one to believe that we should not move to other countries so I took it as being her saying to me it is time to move back to the United States. The fact that my Mother had indeed died five years earlier made no difference to me. It was real or, at least it was real to me. She died at age 80. However, when I saw her in this vision or what ever one would call it she looked as she did when she was in her 50's.

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Grandmother and Grandchild

This story is aslo avaliable in Norwegian (trykk for Bestemor og Barnebarn)

One of the most intriguing accounts of a ghost or spirit came from a lady I worked with several years ago. What made her account of what she thought was her mother-in law's spirit was the fact that this very well educated and religious lady did not believe in any kind of paranormal situation at all.

To her, when you died your spirit left your body and went straight to heaven and that was that. Now, this woman had a huge heart and showed kindness to everyone and she was not judgmental of others at all. She just did not believe in spirits, ghosts or anything along those lines.

One day at work she asked to talk to me alone. When we went outside to talk she looked white as snow and her story began. She had a sister in law who was about to give birth. The sister- in - law was giving birth at home with the help of a mid wife due to the fact that the pregnant girls mother was dying from cancer and was bed ridden at home. She wanted to give birth at home so the baby's grandmother might be able to see her grandchild before she passed on. Well try as she did, she didn't make it and the poor woman died exactly one hour before her grandchild was born. So as you can guess the baby was born an hour after the woman's death. However, something strange happened next. After the midwife got the baby all cleaned up and did all the things a mid wife does in a birth situation, they put the new born baby in it's bassinet. Everyone who was there at the time of the birth was in the room where the bassinet was.

The lady that I worked with was there she looked up and saw a purple haze come from the far corner of the ceiling and it as she put it, the purple haze just floated around the room and got above the baby's bassinet and just stayed there for two or three minutes and then it moved away and went back to the corner of the celling and disappeared and was never seen again. This woman asked me if I thought it could have been the grandmother of the baby seeing the baby one time before she had to go. Knowing that the grand mother really wanted to see that baby before she died and that her body just gave up and she did die before the baby was born, I was almost positive that is what had taken place. She just smiled and went back to work and later that day she told me that was now a believer in the after life.

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The African Violets

African Violet Flower

This Story is also avaliable in Norwegian (trykk St. Paulia for å lese)

A true account of what happened to me 10 years ago. I was taking care of my mother who had many things wrong with her including right sided heart failure and heart disease. She was in and out of the hospital so many times during the last three years of her life that I lost count. My Mother had a lot of plants around the house and she had a real green thumb. She could get anything to grow. One of her favorites was an african violet plant. Now this plant was suppose to go in full blossom twice a year. My Mother had this african violet for seven years and it was healthy and get very large for that type of plant but, she could never get it to blossom.

Not once in 7 years did that plant blossom. One Saturday morning the ambulance arrived to take my Mother on what turned out to be her last trip to the hospital. As she was being taken out on a stretcher she looked over at the plant and said to me in a weak voice... "You wait that damn plant will wait till I die and then it will go in full blossom". Well she was in the hospital for a little over a week. Then one morning at 8:30 am the hospital called me and said that I needed to come to the hospital as soon as I could and that the doctor was requesting my presence . As I picked up the phone to answer it I looked over and saw that the african violet was in full blossom for the first time in 7 years. I started to shake when i answered the call because I knew it was my Mother's way of saying good-bye and I was correct. About 7 minutes later arrived at the hospital and the doctor got to me in the hallway outside my Mother's room and explained to me that she had passed away.

So my friends, I do think there are such things as the after life, spirits. ghost and other things out there that we just do not understand yet

Until next time my friends take care and stay healthy.

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